Your parent’s money attitudes interfere with your success

Our relationship with money starts in our childhood. Our parents and others cause us to form unconscious beliefs, “money narratives”, as we grow up. These stay in our unconscious and drive our success later. Many people feel concerned and experience anxiety due to Corona pandemic. This is not surprising. It touches upon our own survival instincts in the face of uncertainty.

Money attitudes that speed up your success

After decades of consulting some of the most successful people, I can say that there are three common reasons why people achieve success...

Three Ways to Tackle a Financial Downfall

With the continued spread of the Coronavirus putting our oldest and most vulnerable at risk and with more and more of the world’s economy being shut down because of the virus mental health and finance has been brought to the fore. Many people feel concerned and experience anxiety due to Corona pandemic. This is not surprising. It touches upon our own survival instincts in the face of uncertainty.

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Three Healthy, Empowering Ways to Think About Money in Uncertain Times

Worried about family wellbeing or financial consequences because of the Coronavirus? Financial uncertainty can slam at you at any point in your life. Here are three empowering ways to think about money when you are passing through a difficult time.

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Preparing Children to Be Custodians of the Family Wealth

The past 18 months have been filled with speaking and presenting in various forums around the globe on the psychology of Money and Wealth. During this time, the topic that was of main interest with the attendees revolved around the subject of preparing our children to be responsible custodians of the family wealth, family financial [...]

Wealth Transfer and Family Conflicts

In virtually all families, assets will be transferred from one generation to the next. Yet when those assets carry significant monetary value, as is customary within wealthy families, inter-generational conflict can often arise and develop into a serious issue. Careful thought and expert insight can mitigate the risk of conflict, enabling wealth transfers to lead [...]

Philanthropy – For the love of mankind

Having a healthy relationship with money allows us to be truly free in our giving, whether it is through charity or any other form, and thus become philanthropists in a way that purely represents our love of mankind. Though many of us use the words charity and philanthropy interchangeably, their meanings are very different. [...]

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Our Relationship with Money – Part 2:- Health and Wealth

We all have a relationship with money whether we know it or not. This relationship determines how we think, speak and act about money. It also impacts relationships. We have all witnessed how relationships can be stressed and hurt when financial affairs are perceived by one side or the other to be unfair; how communication [...]

Money and Psychology: Having It All And Still Feeling ‘Amiss’?

During my work I have observed  that many successful and intelligent people and families who have almost everything money can buy, share that they experience challenges relating to their wealth, success or statues beyond investments, succession, governance structure or wealth preservation. At times they even experience a sense of “amiss”, “emptiness” or inner dissatisfaction, but [...]

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