Wealth Psychologist: Speaking, Teaching & Education Testimonials

Dr. Lami speaks, teaches, and educates people globally about the Psychology of Money, Wealth, Affluenza and Relationships. This is what participants say.

Sarah Von Schmidth,
Farrer & Co
London UK

“I hope that I said this enough last night – but you were fantastic. THANK YOU! I heard so much praise for you after the seminar and I think lots of the trustees would like you to come and talk to them too! It was such a pleasure to get to know you during the process. Very warmest wishes”

Mustafa O.
London UK

“Dear Dr Lami, I mean every word! Thank you very much indeed for an incredibly insightful seminar at Farrer & Co yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed your unique content and have not been to a seminar covering these pertinent and engaging issues before. You presented very well and managed to relay content whilst also keeping the attention of the audience, so well done for that!”

Ann W.

“I had the privilege of participating in one of Dr Lami’s workshops. I was not sure what to expect but it was a very thought-provoking and engaging session. Dr Lami is very skillful at presenting in a way that was immediately relatable to everyone in the room, despite our different backgrounds and cultures and everyone participated actively in the discussions. It was very interesting exploring some of the psychological themes around money and wealth and my feelings around them.”

Kate Bright, UMBRA
London UK

“I have never experienced a workshop where each and every participant left talking to each other about such a profound and psychologically important subject. Wealth, and its accumulation is not a topic that is easy to create a connective discussion around, but Dr Lami facilitated with such energy and compassion that it was impossible not to leave feeling curious around what more can be learned about the self. I will be encouraging UMBRA clients to go through this process and hopefully we can encourage new generations of wealth curious individuals who are able to give what they can to make a better tomorrow.”

Michael H.
Guernsey UK

“Dear Dr Lami, thank you for taking the time to talk to me either side of the Farrer’s seminar. I found your presentation and the information gleaned exceedingly helpful. I have sung your praises to a number of professionals I have spoken to since our meeting. It was a delight and education to meet you and I look forward to working with you.”

Nora Al-Jindi
Saudi Arabi

“I have had the pleasure of attending Dr.Lami’s workshop last month in London. Dr.Lami tapped into the hidden relationship that we all have between wealth and our inner selves. The session was enlightening. It was certainly a start to an exciting learning journey full of valuable insights. Looking forward to the next workshop with Dr.Lami. ”

Emma M.
London UK

“Dr Lamis wealth workshop about the psychology of money and wealth was not only thought provoking and insightful but I came away challenging the beliefs that I have carried and held onto over the years. I can hear her voice on a daily basis when I am making financial decisions which I am sure is a good thing!”

Nicholas R.
London UK

“Dear Dr. Lami, Many thanks for presenting your work this morning at LTC. I found your approach absolutely fascinating, especially the part about building courses for families and the intergenerational values work. I found it fascinating. Not something I have heard before.
Many thanks again and all best”

Guy L.
London UK

“Dear Dr Lami, Thank you for today’s talk at London Technology Club. Much of what you said – and hinted at – resonated with me. I am one of four siblings. My two brothers ended up working for the family business. So your input was valuable. It was great to hear your insights and honest answers. Best wishes”

Anthony R.
London UK

“Dr Lami, I really enjoyed the talk about wealth and psychology this morning and found it very interesting.”

London UK

“Your seminar yesterday was phenomenal. I took the liberty of circulating of circulating your details to my colleagues. I also mentioned your talk to one of the organisers of the International Bar Association conferences who was very interested.”

A. A.
London UK

“It was so lovey to meet you yesterday at Farrer’s trustees event and discuss wealth, trusts, trustees and beneficiaries. I am sure our paths will cross again – so much of what you said has landed for good. The bit about beneficiaries having self-esteem similar to people on social security was a real lightbulb moment for me, in terms of a good number of the beneficiaries I work with/for.”

Helen H.
Jersey UK

“It was an absolute pleasure meeting you. I truly enjoyed your session and the discussion, as well as the wonderful hospitality of Farrer & Co at the gallery.
I will absolutely be in touch as I am sure we can do more together.”

London, UK

“Thank you very much for your brilliant speaking involvement in our Family Office Forum in Switzerland earlier this week. We were thrilled to meet you and listen to your insights. Your joint panel discussion was highly topical, engaging, and eloquently delivered; hence very much appreciated by the audience too. Again, a huge chapeau and we look forward to hearing your feedback and having the pleasure of your company and speaking contribution in our upcoming forums too.”


“It was great seeing you again and having you shining in our Dubai conference. Looking forward to working with you again.”

Louisville, Tennessee, USA

“Hello, Dr Lami! I hope your trip back to LA was uneventful and that you were able to catch up on some much-needed rest! Thanks again so much for sharing your time and talent with us. We’ve heard some wonderful things from advisors and donors alike about how much they enjoyed your presentation.”

Realtor, New York, USA

“Very few people ever think about why they relate to money the way they do, how it influences their everyday decisions and how it plays a part in their lives. In your seminar I gained insights into the reasons behind my decision-making about money. Now I have a better awareness as to why I spend money the way I do.”

Dallas, Texas, USA

“Dear Dr Lami, we have been basking in the glory of such a successful seminar today. Thanks again for sharing your insights with everyone.  I thought you’d like the e-mail we got from an advisor yesterday –  Thanks so much for the seminar today. It reinforced the importance of the human side of the estate planning process.  Personally, it was a delight to get to know you, and we all hope you’ll decide to visit us again soon.”

Zurich, Switzerland

“Thank you, Dr Lami. I was thinking about your presentation. I wish we could talk longer about how to educate children about emotional intelligence. Your presentation has been really inspiring to me.”

London, UK

“What a fantastic session about our relationship with money for our members. Absolutely everyone has emailed me to say how much they enjoyed it and would very much like a part II. So many thanks and I do hope we can organise part II in a few months.”

Niece, France

“Affluenza and Wealth Psychology is a difficult one for attorneys, and people in general to consider, Dr. Lami did an excellent job in getting us to begin the process of considering how to deal with the emotional issues of our clients.”

London, UK

“Thank you very much for organising a very entertaining event with Dr Lami. The subject of her presentation about the psychology of money was very interesting and I am sure if we were permitted to stay longer the discussion would go for hours.”

Miami, Florida, USA

“Dear Dr Lami, Thank you for a really interesting workshop. It made me think more carefully both about my idea of success, which is probably rather masculine, and also my attitude to money.”

London, UK

“Many thanks for another tremendous talk for our family office forum. Great feedback and I can honestly say, without doubt, all attendees enjoyed it but also gained a lot from the session so again many thanks.”

Los Angeles, CA, USA

“In your seminar I realized how much money plays a role in any kind of relationship, whether it is in my business, my marriage or with my friends and family. Thank you for opening my eyes to it, now I can do something to change things for the better!”

Cayman Islands

“Thanks Dr Lami, I’d like to share what a great speaker you are and how interesting and relevant your topic of Affluenza was. Have a good week.”


“Thank you very much for your wonderful talk this morning, which I think set the tone for the conference perfectly. I’m sorry you did not sleep last night. That must have been awful. However, it did not show, and it makes your talk even more remarkable.”

P. B, London

“Dr Lami I wanted to again thank you for your workshop. I wish you well in all that you do. You are a gift to this crazy, beautiful world of ours. The opportunity that you gave us to experience with all the other participants, wonderful people, well I do not have words for it. I trust the entire experience and feel honored to have been touched in such a deep way. Again, my thanks.”

P. A, Los Angeles

“The topic was urgent, and the speaker so clear, modest, and insightful. To be reminded convincingly that we shouldn’t equate ourselves and our dreams with money was a welcome discussion. To be told so not by an ethicist or a cleric, but by a psychologist? Priceless. — Yes, I just made a pass at the MasterCard ads. It felt justified :)”

J. S., London

“In your seminar, you traveled much more deeply and expressively along the road of exploring the meaning of success- internalizing so many ideas relating to this in beautifully thought out and thought through concepts.  I really liked your contribution – masterful! I think you have such a gift not only for beautiful and deep ideas, but also being able to express them so well. Kudus! You should be continuously successful in all ways!”

G. D., Como, Italy

“Dr Lami I wanted to again thank you for your generosity of heart and spirit. It was a very rich experience being at your event and being with you. I did indeed come away with many gifts that are still unwrapping themselves.”

S. A., Colorado

“Very few people ever think through the reasons of how they relate to money, how it plays a part in their everyday decisions and how it plays a part over a life. In the seminar I gained insights into the reasons behind my decision making about money and now I have better awareness as to why and how I do, or do not, spend money the way I do.”

Sher, Realtor, Santa Monica

“Dr Lami was fabulous, insightful, and powerful. Things that people do not take into account when relating to money!”

K. H. Business Owner, Beverly Hills

“In your money seminar I realized how deep money plays a role in any kind of relationship, whether it is in my business, my marriage, with my friends or family. Thank you for opening my eyes to it, now I can do something to change things for the better!”

A. F., Los Angeles, CA, USA

“I’m personally promoting this event (and I only do this for programs that I really believe in.) This workshop is very interactive, practical, different from other programs I’ve been to, and Dr. Ronit Lami is great.”

Y. K, London, UK

“Dr Lami, I loved your seminar, the exercises are sort of revelation, easy to see how likely we trick ourselves into lousy believes and excuses when it comes to choose or ‘refuse’ our partner. I love the fact that people had a chance to share and actually get the answer from another gender right there. Loved the ‘Israeli army’ exercise.”

M. A. Beverly Hills, CA, USA

“Dr Lami, Thank you for this seminar. It is a very much needed seminar, which I believe needs to be repeated again and again. I personally work a lot on myself but still found areas of growth and learning.”

G. L., Minnesota, USA

“I thought everything was crystal clear. I loved the seminar. You’re charming too. Thank you again. Best wishes.”

A. M., Beverly Hills, CA, USA

“What an amazing workshop. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Have a great day.”

“Excellent and valuable subject affluenza and wealth psychology. These are things I don’t hear about in the usual educational forums.”

“Topic/materials are interesting and very relevant to the wealth management community. Needing to understand more the psychology behind money and our clients.”

“Thanks for presenting this seminar about money and wealth psychology. It’s a great service to the legal and finance community.”

“Excellent speaker and great topic the psychology behind money and wealth.”

“Psychology and wealth, what an excellent topic, it generated some interesting thinking on my part about problems with and the non-financial aspects of wealth management.”

“Very interesting, enjoyable and educational presentation on the subject of affluenza, money and psychology. I enjoyed the discussion. Thanks for the invitation.”

“More on topics relation to psychology of wealth and financial wellbeing please!”

“Thanks very much for the CE program about the psychology behind money and wealth!”

“I really enjoyed the in-depth presentation and learned about Affluenza and Wealth Psychology a lot. Thanks for putting it together.”

“Topic is very interesting and very relevant to anyone who is involved with money and wealth.”

“I thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.”

“Wonderful and insightful presentation. Great job!”

“Very good topic Affluenza and Wealth Psychology, which is difficult to do well due to the need for emotional involvement. Very well done.”

“Great seminar, it brought up some thought-provoking ideas on both a professional and personal level.”

“Very enjoyable and helpful. Good information. Thank you.”

“Your talk about the psychology behind money and wealth was very enjoyable and helpful. Good information. Thank you.”

“Excellent and valuable. We do not hear about the subject of wealth psychology in the usual educational forums.”

“Excellent speaker and great topic. I am looking forward to attend more workshop about the subject of money, wealth and psychology.”

“Dr. Lami is an excellent teacher. Her breath of knowledge about the subject is truly impressive. Her teaching style is engaging and interactive.”

“I enjoyed this course immensely. It was very interesting and relevant to my job. I think the subject of wealth psychology is being underestimated in our job.”

“I found it very informative and interesting, especially the second part with techniques. It was a great and valuable opportunity to participate in this course. We need more courses about money and psychology.”

“Dr. Lami did a great job teaching this course. I really enjoyed the material. However, I think the subject of wealth psychology is being underestimated in this MBA program, as the time dedicated to this topic is only 8 hours in total. I would have liked to spend another day on this topic and ‘sacrifice’ a day of finance.”

“I learned a lot in this course about the psychology behind money and wealth. It will be very useful and applicable in my job. I wish we had an additional day.”

“The psychology of money and wealth is a very important topic for client relationship managers. I’m glad I got to take this course and learn about the subject with Dr Lami.”

“I found the subject of wealth and psychology interesting, especially the second part with techniques.”

“The Psychology of wealth is a very important topic for client relationship managers.”

“I would have liked to have gone into more detail about wealth psychology especially in the second part of the programme – i.e. how to improve communication, techniques etc.”

“Interesting presentation, Dr Lami was good, but more specific “how to…” cases could be an improvement, although time was not enough to do so.”

“I think that Wealth Psychology and its affects are underestimated in our job.  Therefore, I found it was a very good opportunity to participate in such a course. However, I think that this subject is also being underestimated within this program as the time dedicated to this issue is only one day…and this is too short.

  • I therefore suggest having a follow-up next summer (fourth block.)
  • And for the next cycles I suggest to reserve two days for this subject and to ‘sacrifice’ a day of finance
  • I quote below evidence for the importance of this subject in our business: “However, extensive research in the field shows that 90% of the money is lost due to the poor emotional and financial preparation whereas only 10% of it is down to poor financial planning.”

Wealth Psychology should be a subject that we should have at least another day with Dr Lami to discuss.”

“I believe that one day for this course about the psychology of wealth is not enough – Dr Lami should have been given a two-day course. She has much to offer and teach.”

“I consider the course very important and wish to learn more about the psychology of money and wealth – we should have another day of the course with Dr Lami. She is a good teacher.”

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