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Wealth Psychology Across Generations: Consulting, Coaching  & Education

Unique solutions to wealth’s non-financial matters for UHNW, Family Offices & Family Businesses. 

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“Dr Lami has delivered outcomes that have reversed years of unhealthy behaviours by helping us understand the complex psychologies behind our relationships with each other and with wealth.”

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Unlock the door to a life of profound impact and legacy with Dr. Lami’s bespoke services. Dr. Lami, a renowned licensed psychologist, both in the US & the UK, offers a tailored journey to those eager to delve into the intricacies of life beyond finances. Her approach is simple yet profound, focusing on the essence of life’s most vital aspects.

  • Challanges in Family Businesses 
  • Relationships & Dynamics in UHNW Families
  • Legacy Planning
  • Next Gen Education & Coaching
  • Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer
  • Wealth Psychology & Relationship with Money

Embark on this transformative journey and step into uncharted territories.

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Videos & Podcasts on Wealth Psychology

Dr Lami speaking engagements

Psychology of Wealth Management

Premium Services:
Family Wealth & Wellbeing

Create The Breakthrough That Will Help the Generations. An exclusive opportunity designed for those committed to living life by reaching new inner destinations… These services are not for everyone. They are designed for…

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Speaking Services:
Psychology of Wealth

Dr. Lami is considered an insightful, cutting-edge and thought-provoking speaker on the Psychology of Wealth. Speaking on the impact of money, the obstacles to wealth transfer and how to prepare the next generation.

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Wealth Psychologist: Books & Booklets

On this page you will find books, booklets and workbooks about various aspects related to the psychology of money & wealth, relationship, and success by Wealth Psychologist Dr Lami.

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