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Families are complex ecosystems made up of multiple stakeholders, each with their own goals, drivers and emotions. Deciding on the best strategy for a successful estate plan is hard enough, but executing that strategy is rarely goes smoothly. That’s why HNW families so often turn to advisors, to secure a positive future for your estate and legacy. Though often, this is not enough because families are made up of different people with varying strengths and vulnerabilities. Therefore, without good communication and emotional intelligence, the best-laid plans can become the victims of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Recognizing the lack of awareness of the impact that wealth can have on emotional well-being, Dr. Lami set up her business to deliver tailor made solutions to match the needs of HNW around the globe with the ‘non-financial’ challenges wealth presents across generations and cultures. She believes that issues such as pre-nuptials or inequality in marriages, conflict avoidance within families, and discussions of the custodians of wealth should be considered alongside the tax, financial and succession planning.

Wealth Psychology – From our investment decision making, our spending and saving habits, or our approach to estate planning – to how much we give away, our life style desires and the choices we make, our feelings about money and wealth show up everywhere in our lives. We have all experienced how relationships can be stressed and hurt when financial affairs are perceived by one side or the other to be unfair; how communication breaks down; how resentment burns deeply. Dr. Lami works with HNW individuals, couples and families to explore the meaning and purpose of their wealth and how their relationship with money, attitudes and beliefs impact their lives.

Family Wealth – Preparing children for successful wealth transfer does not happen overnight, it’s an educational and emotional process that takes time, and should be an integral part of wealth parenting. Dr. Lami offers guidance and proven strategies on how to become effective custodians of your family legacy through awareness, skill and understanding. Additionally, she helps resolve emotional issues relating to estate planning and wealth transfer, marriages, pre-or-post nuptial arrangements, aligned to your family history, and its impact across generations. Often times, Dr Lami facilitates in family discussions to resolve long-standing issues or conflicts.

Family Business Consulting – It is not unusual for communication to break down between family business members as each member has their own motivations, perceptions of each other, viewpoints of the family history, and fairness thresholds.   Breakdowns create wider repercussions, creating significant barriers to progression, and impacting performance across other areas of life. Dr. Lami helps clients overcome hurdles to progression and performance in their business as well as their personal lives.

Speaking and Education – Recognised as a world leader in what she does, Dr. Lami is a sought after speaker around the world, as well as teaching her ‘wealth psychology’ course for both executive MBA and Continuing Education Programs for professional development.

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