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Recognizing the lack of awareness on the impact that money can have on emotional well-being, Dr. Lami focuses on delivering tailor-made solutions to match the needs of individuals, couples and families around the globe with the ‘non-financial’ challenges wealth presents across generations, cultures and within family businesses.

About Dr. Lami: Family Business and Wealth Psychologist, Coach, Consultant

Dr. Ronit Meshie-Mai Lami is unique within the wealth management industry. Being a Coach and a Wealth Psychologist, she assists global HNW families to manage the non-fiscal aspects of their wealth across the generations.

Families are complex ecosystems. Deciding on the best strategy for a successful estate plan is hard enough, and implementing that strategy rarely goes smoothly. That’s why families so often turn to advisors, to secure a positive future. Wealth Psychology across Generations looks at the whole picture and helps resolve issues and move forward in a sustainable and healthy way.

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Client Feedback

“You helped my family and me travel much more deeply and expressively along the road of exploring the meaning of success – internalizing so many ideas relating to this in beautifully thought out and thought through concepts. Your contribution was masterful! You have such a gift not only for beautiful and deep ideas but also for being able to express them so well. Kudos! May you continue to be successful in all ways!”

J. S. and the family, London, UK

“Dr. Lami walked us through a process of exploring our relationship with money. When she asked our family: “What is one thing you want to transform regarding your relationship with money?” some of us did not know what to answer. We never thought of having a relationship with money. We learned that money can be the reason why some people have inner challenges. We examined each of them and began to understand where our obstacles occur. It helped us to deal with and resolve various challenges.”

The B. Family, Los Angeles, USA

“Dr. Ronit Lami is a seasoned coach and advisor. She is highly skilled. As an independent sounding board, she will give you and key members of your family relevant feedback to help you achieve new levels. She will open your mind to developing new ways to attack old challenges, and help you get to the root cause of the problem. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Lami as one of the best coaches we have worked with during my 40-year career.”

G. C., Beverly Hills, USA

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