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Dr. Lami talks on The Psychology of Money & Wealth, sharing knowledge, giving tips, advice, and insights to better understand our emotions and inherited attitudes towards money, wealth, relationships, and success.

Dr. Lami, Wealth Psychologist in conversation with Aidan Dow

London financial advisor Aidan Dow talk to Dr Lami about her work, the clients she works with and the different challenges faced by family offices, family business and affluent families. Dr Lami also explains unhealthy relationship with money and the dysfunctions of Affluenza.

Dr. Lami, Wealth Psychologist: Our Relationship with Money and Wealth

Dr Lami outlines how our relationship with money and wealth impacts our decisions, personal and business relationships and our lives. With her vast experience as a wealth psychologist Dr Lami explores out how our money narrative can create barriers or challenges and offers advice on how to overcome them.

Dr. Lami, Wealth Psychologist: What is Affluenza?

Affluenza is ofetn cited as a desire for, or lack of understanding of, the privileges and impacts of wealth. Find out more about the effect of money on the individuals subconscious, which manifests itself in unbalanced relationships with oneself, others and money.

Dr. Lami, Wealth Psychologist, interview with Richard Quest on Quest Means Business CNN

The incredible Richard Quest talks to Dr Lami about the psychology of wealth, affluenza, and why people suffer from it. How can it be that having all that financial security is not enough?

How to Survice and Thrive Difficult Times: for Families & Families in Business, Dr Lami Family Bsuiness Consultant, Coach and Therapist

Being one of several experts, Dr Lami explains to Ashim Kumar the psychology behind people’s behaviors during turbulent times and uncertainty. She gives the audience useful tips on how to deal with challenging times. Here are only excerpts of an hour long conversation.

Indosuez Conference at Burj Al Arab, Dubai, Dr Lami wealth psychology expert, speaks about Raising Responsible Children, Affluenza and Challenges faced by wealth.

In this conference Dr Lami was speaking to the bank’s private clients in Dubai about ‘The challenges of wealth: The Millennials, Gen Z and Affluenza’. Here are excerpts of a 45min long presentation, capturing Dr Lami talking about the challenges money and wealth can present to these generations, and what is it that can help them navigate these challenges.

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