Dr. Ronit Lami Videos

Interviews, information and advice on the psychology of money and wealth, the non-fiscal aspects of wealth management, and its impact on decision making, behavior and relationships. Dr. Lami is considered an insightful and thought-provoking speaker on the Psychology of Money & Wealth and its impact on our lives, relationships, and well-being. She brings diverse expertise and extensive knowledge to each of her speaking engagements.

In these short videos Dr. Lami provides tips and advice on various areas of wealth management such as stress management, financial conflicts, wealth transfer, and the difficulties faced with issues impacted by the nonfinancial aspects of life. Dr. Lami helps us to better understand our emotions and inherited attitudes towards money and provides positive ways to improve relationships and resolve disputes.

Dr. Ronit Lami, Wealth Psychologist  in conversation with Aidan Dow

Dr. Lami on How to Manage Stress: Guidance and Advice

Dr. Ronit Lami on Quest Means Business with Richard Quest, CNN.