Helping Family Offices Handle Non-Financial Matters 


“Our relationships improved, with your help we managed to put together a document that will guide and help next generations live healthier lives and not be negatively affected by their wealth.”

On behalf of the I.K.S. Family Office, Virginia, USA

There is no shortage of people who can advise on investments or ways to save money. However, as the needs of family offices and UHNW have become more complex, it is important to understand the “non-financial” aspects of wealth management alongside the fiscal ones and how it impacts wellbeing.

Family Enterprises are complex ecosystems. Deciding on the best strategy for a successful estate plan is hard enough, and implementing that strategy rarely goes smoothly. That’s why families so often turn to advisors, to secure a positive future. However, what family offices often struggle to find is help with the nonfinancial matters faced by family members. This is where Dr Lami can help.

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In her work with Family Offices and family members Dr Lami focuses on matters related to next gen preparation, responsibilities, communication and relationships, managing expectations, stress and demands, wellbeing and more. The uniqueness of her work within the wealth management industry is in taking, as her foundation, a very human understanding of the subject, when the widespread approach is technocratic or with less focus on the people and their wellbeing.                                                             

Aspects of Dr Lami’s work with Family Offices

Personal Skills & General Wellbeing
  • Improving communicate & relationships between the family office and family members
  • Learning how to deal with family expectations
  • Resolving disagreements & conflicts
  • Learning to accept each other’s views without being dismissal or alienating other views
  • Improve sibling relationship & strive for equality
  • Personal growth and non-financial wellbeing
  • Helping family members understand the complex psychologies behind their relationships with each other and with wealth
General Personal & Business Skills
  • Understanding & accepting roles & responsibilities
  • Integrating new family members
  • Women voice that matters and heard
  • Preparing the next generation to deal with their wealth and responsibilities
  • Creating a guiding document or a system for generations to come & for people who join the family
  • Building confidence and knowledge about the family’s wealth system
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Board meetings discussions & AGM’s