Wealth Psychology and Wealth Therapy Testimonials

Client success stories, testimonials and reviews of Dr Lami’s wealth psychology services.

M.S.C.V, Family Business & Family Office, UK

“If you knew me, you would know that I am not someone that says much or who is easily impressed by others. In the years I, and my family, have worked with Dr Lami I have seeing that:

  • She has an ability to create trust and positive relationships with those she works with whilst maintaining authority and being able to challenge (even in the teeth of fierce resistance!).
  • Her own background has ensured that she is a fellow traveller rather than a disinterested judge of others.
  • She has delivered outcomes that have reversed years of unhealthy behaviours by helping me and family members understand the complex psychologies behind our relationships with each other and with wealth.
  • I have come across lots of people in the space of helping people work with wealth and family business. She is head and shoulders ahead in taking as her foundation a very human understanding of the subject, when others are technocratic or academic in their outlooks.
  • She is adept at helping people address complex issues around money and relationships without appearing to judge (harder than you would think when talking about wealth!).
  • She is a pleasure to work with and has been consistently and totally committed to our project.
  • She has achieved real results and transformed people’s ability to contextualise and enjoy their lives.”

Middle East & Europe

“I must start by stating the fact that my work with Dr. Lami have undoubtably changed my life.

Coming from a background of middle eastern royalty and wealth I struggled with the concept of money and battled the discrimination that society had towards money amongst many other things. I was confused, controlled, and held captive to illusions and counterproductive defense mechanisms, which I created in a false effort to protect myself. I was unable to have a meaningful relationship, I felt anxious and alone.

Through Dr. Lami’s professional guidance I learned the tools to help me overcome challenges created by my background and upbringing. It wasn’t until I met Dr. Lami that I found purpose, truth, and reality.

Today I am happily married with 2 kids, I have found my purpose, I have a better relationship with my family and I am also in a completely elevated state of consciousness and awareness!

I cannot sing Dr. Lami enough praises, but her professionalism, essence, and PURE soul are absolutely unmatched. I have seen many professionals around the world, spent a fortune on getting help but what Dr. Lami achieves in one meeting they couldn’t achieve in months or years.

I owe so much of my growth to Dr. Lami’s guidance and she will forever be a part of my life and family.

Thank you, Dr. Lami, for all your guidance, support, coaching, and help. You are truly a spiritual blessing and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

With my love and appreciation.”

B.N., San Francisco, CA, USA

“I am a 3rd generation heir to an American family fortune. I use a pseudo name so people would not know who my family is. I came to Dr Lami after several failed attempts to work with coaches and therapists who did not understand money and wealth. Dr Lami was a breath of fresh air. She helped me improve my relationship with wealth, deal with my family’s history, my insecurities, and my feeling of not deserving my position and fortune because I did not earn it. I never felt uncomfortable or judged by her, and always understood. I own her more than I can ever express.”

On behalf of A.G., Family Business & Family Office, London, UK.

“We are a multigenerational family business with a family Office.

We hired Dr Lami to help us with communication problems we had. It was impossible for us to be in a room together without something going wrong. Usually ending with one of us leaving he room. Things could not get done and important decision were not made. I remember one of us saying to Dr Lami ‘if you will manage to get us all together in the same room and talk to one another in a civilized way it will be a miracle’. Back then we could not imagine it happening. Looking back at where we were and where we are now, I can honestly say it is a miracle.

She has helped us on so many levels. We have learnt to talk to each other without getting upset, we have improved the way we do things in the business and the family, we now enjoy having family time together, something which was unheard of. With her guidance we have written a document for generation to come that explains important aspects and values regarding our family and business.

There is so much more I can write, that happened because of working with Dr Lami, but I think that until you experience it for yourself and your family, what I write are simply words. All I can say is if your family is important to you do not wait or hesitate to work with Dr Lami.”

B & D, Park City, UTA, USA

“As a couple we have been looking for a therapist/coach to help our family. Over time we worked with various therapist & coaches, but we did not feel comfortable talking about how much we have and the challenges it presents. Most coached and therapists do not understand money and our money situation. They see it as rich people problems and sometimes have made us feel stupid bringing our issues up.

We were uncomfortable disclosing how much wealth we have although we had to do so because it was at the heart of our conflicts – what to do with it, how to distribute it, how to ensure successful wealth transfer, how to raise our children, and much more. Our different values related to wealth caused much friction amongst us as a family.

This all changed when we started working with Dr Lami. She helped us and worked with us to resolve all these issues. It is still work in progress, but we have clarity and a direction.”

B.T., Boca Raton, Florida, USA
“As a next gen beneficiary to my family trust, I felt trapped. I felt like a person who lives on ‘social benefit’. I wanted to gain my independence. I believed taking legal actions was the only solution to the problem. But I was wrong. You showed me that there are healthier ways to handle the situation. It took some time, but I managed to come to an agreement with my trustees. I believe much of it happened because of the work I did with you.”
On behalf of the I.K.S. Family Office, Virginia, USA.

“We came to you as a broken multi-generational family. So many areas and aspects of our lives were dysfunctional. We were not able to hold family or board meetings, or respectfully talk to each other. Some of us did not have good relationship with the trustees or with our family office. We barely spoke with one another. We avoided family gatherings, business events and dreaded Christmas. We never enjoyed spending time together as a family. We blamed others and did not take responsibility. You came into our lives and changed it all. It took us several years, but we eventually got there.

Who would believe that we are now able to work together, enjoy each other’s company, have family and business meetings? Our relationships improved, with your help we managed to put together a document that will guide and help next generations live healthier lives and not be negatively affected by their wealth.”

S.A., Monaco

“I am a 3rd generation to one of the largest and most known family businesses in the world. I was referred to Dr Lami by one of our advisors. Although I am an educated, successful, and accomplished woman, I was not allowed to join the family business for quite some time. It was working with Dr Lami that helped me to find my way into the family business. It was not easy and I could not have done it without her coaching.”

On behalf of The BK Family Office, Dallas, Texas, USA


We believe you were sent to us by a higher force. We are so lucky and blessed for all that you helped our family with. Our children are happier, and they are looking forward to learning all that you have suggested they should learn to be responsible stewards of their wealth.

We, the parents, took your parental guidance and improved our relationship with them and our relationship with money and wealth. We put the right structures in place and look forward to continuing working with you, learning and evolving as a family. “

L.A.M Family Office, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“Dr LAMI is a miracle performer. She took us on, 5 families of a multi-generation family business. We met her at a lower point in our lives. We worked hard with her to resolve many family and business matters. She challenged every corner of ourselves. She gently ‘pushed’ us to grow. she stretched us (which was necessary to cause change). If you are willing to do the work, show up to meetings with her, despite it all, you will see long-term sustainable benefits. All she wanted from us was our commitment and willingness, and she did the rest. All along she showed professionalism, caring, kindness and complete discretion.

If you and your family are willing to go on a journey that may not be easy at times but will transform your lives for generations to come, you will ripe rewards you haven’t dreamt possible! “

R.A.V., Arizona, US

“We are 4 siblings in a family business that our father started. We had issues between us that were going on for 30 years. We tried getting help from different professionals, but nothing helped us resolve them. At one point we were introduced to Dr Lami. It was the first time in 30 years that we felt we were making some progress. She touched upon core issues that stemmed from our childhood, our parents’ relationship with us and our upbringing. I now understand why getting help from a coach or a business advisor alone may not be enough. Despite the stigma, sometimes a trained psychologist is what the family need.”

S.G.O, Beneficiary,
St Louis, Missouri, USA
“I am a beneficiary to multiple trusts, and I have been going through challenging times since my parents’ divorce. I have been seeing a therapist on and off for the past 25 years of my life. I have seen all different kinds in all different states. Dr. Lami is by far and away the best one I have ever been to.

There are a few things that set her apart:

She is a clinical & wealth psychologist, a family business coach, an advisor and a mentor. She wears several hats and has various tools in her professional arsenal. Her understanding of money and wealth and her own background being a second generation to a family business gives her a unique understanding of issues that require more than ‘regular’ therapy.

Dr Lami doesn’t spend time just rehashing the past. She listens and asks questions about the past, but only to learn your story, she does not waste time in the negative of the past. She takes time to learn who I am, how I became who I am, how my parents and life events shaped me and how she can help me move on.

She gives “homework” to accelerate my progress and to help me learn more about me. I leave every session with her feeling empowered and happy. This is a unique feeling to Dr. Lami. I have never left a therapist’s appointment with a smile on my face before Dr. Lami. IT is so refreshing to have a professional who give me actual solutions to problems. I would highly recommend her.”

K.S., A Family Member, UK

“Dr Lami has given me my life back! Starting work on wealth management, Dr Lami noticed how difficult I was finding life, she offered to work through it with me. As a woman I carried many unhealthy patterns that hurt me and my relationships others: my husband, family members, friends and with people who were managing our wealth and advising us.

She showed me how to no longer allow myself to be trampled, underestimated or consumed with trivial things. I can be open with my heart, but now shift if someone crosses my boundaries. I have self-respect for the first time, I rely on my intuition, and I now really love myself. The hardest challenge was to look at myself in the mirror and face my difficult truths. It has been painful, but incredible in so many ways. I will always be every grateful I met Dr Lami.

S.L.N, San Diego, California, USA

“As a successful director I was always hesitant to do any type of therapy as I didn’t feel it would be very helpful to me nor did I think it was a very effective way to deal with problems. However, my wife was consistently seeing Dr. Lami who she spoke highly of. She convinced me to try it out just once to test it out. My one session with Lami turned into several over the course of years and I found myself proactively setting up sessions with her. She’s been gifted with a talent to make you dive deep into who you are and why you made certain choices in life that can truly inform you how to resolve present issues. So many things started to make sense that never did before. I don’t only consider her as my therapist but also a friend.”

D.C, Family Business Member, Arizona, USA

“We are 3 siblings who started a business together. Our business has become very successful and grew beyond our expectations. At one point we run into huge disagreements, and we reached out to Dr Lami for help. Dr Lami brings a whole new perspective to situations. She’s smart, wise, and compassionate. Most of all truly cares. She has a unique way of bringing out the best in people and pushing them to improve in all areas of life. Dr Lami is a special person, and she has been a very impactful person in my life.”

M.S.H, A Family Member, Minnesota, USA

“Working with Dr. Lami has been a complete breath of fresh air and transformative to my personal life and relationship with coaching & therapy in general. After working with several professionals over the years, me and my family have been able to make shifts with Dr. Lami and see things with much more clarity that we have struggled to do with other professionals.

There is a validation and connection that comes with feeling and knowing that she just “gets it”. With that, I’ve been able to trust Dr. Lami and open up to understand myself and others in a new light. In addition, she’s able to refer to the root cause of issues, which has helped me ground my thoughts and emotions rather than be more focused on my feelings and reactions.

Dr. Lami’s pragmatic and personable approach is met with professionalism, high intellect, and kindness, which has allowed my family and I to tackle challenges with solution-oriented formulas for success. She knows how to maneuver complex issues with multiple individuals in the same room and guide each session efficiently to maximize time. Thank you, Dr. Lami, for your holistic approach. You’ve helped me feel like so much weight has been lifted off my shoulders!”

A. B, Zurich, Switzerland
“I was struggling with accepting the money my father left for me. I did not feel deserving of it. I did not want people to know about it. I was also struggling with other issues. Meeting Dr Lami and using her various services and programs completely changed my life. I’ve grown tremendously as a person, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I can honestly say that I’m a stronger person now and in control of my life and thoughts again, thanks to her. I will forever be grateful for her insight, advice and guidance. Thank you Ronit, from the bottom of my heart, for all you have done for me. “
B.T., A Family Member, South America.

“You may have heard the saying ‘you never truly know something until you feel it’. Well, you taught me how to be aware of my feelings, emotions, and thoughts. I have learned a way of being. A way of being that is relevant no matter what obstacles that I may encounter in my life. I came to you with what appeared to be a wealth problem. You guided me through a process that brought about a change the way I see things. Then you helped me find the solutions by showing me how to approach things and how to work through them. Consequently, I feel that a lot of what I do is no longer surrounded by the same patterns, and I can also see that my relationships with money, with others and myself have improved. You are brilliant at what you do!”

A Family Member of a Family Business, UK

“You listened intently and picked up on the things that were said and the things that were not expressed. I have never worked with someone who brings such profound listening and help us realize things that we are not aware of, which are in the way of achieving our goals and our success as siblings in a family business.”

R. D. N.
Calabasas California

“I have been seeing Dr Lami for two months now about my relationship with wealth coming from a family of generational wealth. In 2 months she has already dramatically changed my life. Throughout the years I have attempted to start work on these issue different professionals butt none of them have kept my interest as Dr Lami. She has an amazing way of allowing me to see things from a clearer perspective as well as understand the underlying cause of certain issues I’ve had. After only two months I feel so much more confident and have made changes I never thought possible. She is incredible and I am so happy I decided to see her, I could never have made this much progress on my own!”
S & B, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“We have been working with Dr. Lami since 2016. She has been the first coach/therapist (after many) to recognize our issues and help us understand how we can succeed. She helped us build the foundation of a healthy marriage. We are so grateful that we have Dr Lami in our lives to help us overcome any obstacles that come our way both personally and professionally. Dr Lami has also helped my husband with his business. She has taught him about his relationship with money and his strengths and weaknesses. We truly believe if it wasn’t for Dr. Lami, my husband and I would be divorced. Thank you for all your help from the bottom of our hearts.”

S. G. , USA
“Hey Doc!

Do you know who Jay Shetty is? Well today Kim Kardashian was on his podcast and the conversation was so interesting because they talked about how compassion means having being patient with other people’s pace on their journey to happiness. And what they were talking about- was exactly aligned with the advice that you had given me today.

I’ll say it again to you…YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE BAD ASS. Best therapist I’ve ever had. So glad I found you. Thank you. Sincerely grateful for your time.”

N.L., Tel Aviv, Israel

“I did not believe it until I had it. I believed money would be the solution to many of my problems. Receiving sudden windfall caused some problems with my relationships, my financial knowledge, managing my wealth, and how I see myself. It helped in some ways and was difficult in other ways. I was less worried about money, but I was not happier. It is the work we did together that helped me. Thank you.”

S. S, A Family Member, Business Owner, Los Angeles

“Before you read this, I want you to know that it is the absolute truth and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

I was going through some of the hardest moments of my life where I felt as though I was being buried alive by my family and my relationship with them. I could no longer see the light. No matter how I tried to help myself, nothing was helping. I had been seeing a therapist for over a year and she just sat there and listened. At times she would give me some input or advice, but she really couldn’t help because she was just a textbook trained psychologist.


When a friend referred me to her, I was reluctant to go and see her because I had wasted enough money and saw no results. But eventually i did go to see Dr Lami and now looking back, the past five years have been the most productive and pivotal moments in my life. As a women from a middle eastern background, with a family that place importance on statue, money and success, and as someone who struggled to accept and conform to these, I was facing real growth challenges. But working with Dr Lami. not only was I able to get through my life’s crisis, got married, have become a mom and have found my life purpose and career path, but I have also begun to grow as a person and discover myself! I have better relationship with my family and do not let our family money come in the way.

Dr. Lami has more than the textbook knowledge of a therapist; she is gifted at understanding people and their inner workings. She takes an interest in each of her clients and works hard to help them with whatever challenge they face. If you are lucky enough to work with her, then that means that you have truly committed to helping yourself.”

A. and P.
India & Los Angeles, USA

“A good friend of mine had started working with you. One day she asked me to participate in an assignment that you had given her to do. I was impressed by it as well as with all the other things I had heard about you. My husband is a well-known person and I had been looking for someone to work with we can trust. I felt that you were the right person for us. And I was right. Due to my husband’s recognition he was always careful not to share too much with a “stranger”. However, you gained his trust in such a way that he opened up to you like he had never done before. Once he was able to do so, things started to positively shift for us. Our work with you was short, to the point and successful. Thank you Dr. Lami. God Bless.”

Family Business Member

“Dr Lami is genuinely excellent, and I don’t say that about most people. She can be, at least, a good sounding board and someone who will sense-check where you are; she is not one to let you get away with anything less than total honesty with yourself, but not in a brutal way.”

A., On Behalf of the Family, England

“I always thought that the money my grandfather had passed down to us was a blessing. This was until I got to an age where I wished to have my own control over the family money, which was tied into a trust. I will not describe the whole situation here, but I can honestly say that my extended family and I have achieved our goals as a result of working with Dr. Lami.”

G. C., Beverly Hills, USA

“Dr. Ronit Lami is a seasoned coach and advisor. She gives her clients a fresh perspective and holds them accountable for their goals and commitments. She is highly skilled. As an independent sounding board, she will give you and key members of your family relevant feedback to help you achieve new levels. She will open your mind to developing new ways to attack old challenges, and help you get to the root cause of the problem so that you are able to make fundamental changes. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Lami as one of the best coaches I have worked with during my 40-year career.”

R. H., Entrepreneur, Beverly Hills, USA

“I came to you with what appeared to be a challenge created by my wealth. I had lost a lot of money and although I still had more than enough, I panicked and did not know what to do. You guided me through a process that brought about a change in my perception. You helped me to find the solution by learning how to work through my money challenges. As a result of our work together, my level of fear and anxiety has diminished. I can also see that my relationships have improved. You are brilliant at what you do!”

J. S. and the family, London, UK

“You helped my family and me travel much more deeply and expressively along the road of exploring the meaning of our family wealth – internalizing so many ideas relating to this in beautifully thought out and thought through concepts. Your contribution was masterful! You have such a gift not only for beautiful and deep ideas, but also for being able to express them so well. May you continue to be successful in all ways.”

R. L. L., Lawyer, London, UK

“I always thought that money would be the solution to many of my problems. How wrong I was…. Making a great deal of money presented me with a different set of challenges. It affected my relationships with family members and friends, as I started to change. Working with you made me realize that having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Thanks to the work we did together and your seminars I have been able to cope with it all.”

The B. Family, Los Angeles, USA

“Dr. Ronit Lami walked us through a process of exploring our relationship with money. When she asked our family the question of: “What is one thing you want to transform regarding your relationship with money?” some of us did not know what to answer. We never thought of having a relationship with money. How wrong we were. One of the things we learned is that money can be the reason why some people have inner challenges and that these challenges usually fall into one or more of 4 categories. We examined each of them and began to understand where our blockages occur. It helped us to deal and resolve various challenges.”

The R. Family, USA

“Dr. Lami is clear, modest and insightful. Learning that we shouldn’t equate ourselves with money was challenging but a welcome discussion in our family. Being reminded of this by a psychologist and not an ethicist or a cleric was encouraging.”

Los Angeles

“I am so grateful we have such a special connection through working together. You are worth your weight and so much more in GOLD. I am forever grateful for your work and help.

I am just one of the luckiest people to have met and connected with you in this lifetime.”

R. S., Business Owner, Los Angeles, USA

“Dr. Lami, I would like to thank you SO MUCH for all the work you have done with each member of my family. Working with you was inspiring and very empowering. I love the way you get people to think and how you harness methods from different disciplines. You have a very special gift. With much appreciation, warmly, R. S.”

H. An Heir

“Dr. Lami has coached my wife and me through a difficult time in our life. On a material level, we had it all. But somehow, our wealth negatively affected our relationship. It presented us with challenges we were not equipped to handle. Dr. Lami has done so much for us. Thank you so much.”

S. Y., Los Angeles, USA

“Dr. Lami saved my marriage and life. I was in the process of getting a divorce and she helped my husband and me understand the true meaning of what our relationship meant to each other. She helped us tremendously in ways I can’t thank her enough. She taught both of us how to communicate and appreciate each other. We have been to many therapists in the past, and no one compares to Dr. Lami. I will always and forever be grateful for the person who referred me to her. Dr. Lami was always available to us when we were in a crisis; she always checked on both of us and she also maintained such a professional relationship with my husband and me. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for you Dr. Lami. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

S. G., Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

“So much has happened in the last year and much of it is a direct result of my work with Dr Lami….

I came to you to get coached in the area of ‘women and wealth’ but I got much more than that. Besides all the positive changes in my life and my family’s life, moving to a new city and big and beautiful house that WE LOVE, my husband business growth, and my children academic success.

I was approached by an organization in Colorado to lead a Women’s Program! When I describe my job to people who know me, they all say….it was meant for you!!! I have been blessed to be able to help many women.

My relationship with my children is so much better as well as with my husband. We are doing well. We are enjoying running/biking/swimming together and the Colorado outdoors.

Thank you for encouraging me to follow my path and not follow what was expected of me. It was challenging and scary. Before working with you I did not have the courage and I did not know how to do it. With your guidance I did it. Thank you for helping me changes my life for the better. We are all much happier. I could not have done it without your guidance, insights and support every step of the way. Thanking you is not enough… ”

I.K., Los Angeles, CA, USA

“Dear Dr. Lami, I have to tell you that I was surprised, but in awe of your comment when you said, as I was leaving; “thanks for the compliment, I needed to hear that.” Your honesty and ability (desire) to put yourself and your true feelings out there makes you so unique, and to my mind so powerful and effective as a coach, speaker, and therapist.

Dr. Phil (this is no comparison) also says what he feels, but I think he is in it for the shock value. When you share how you really feel, not just “therapeutic lingo” comes out. What comes through is almost Holy and G-d like. You share a wisdom that is so spiritual it must touch every one of your clients as it touches me. What do I mean by that? Well so much of what you say makes me think. And for me it is only through thinking that I can work through my issues. But so many times I can’t interpret my feelings, or thoughts. Your technique (for lack of a better word) puts “it” out there, and once it is “out there” I can rarely stuff it back into the caves in my mind.

Do you want to know if you have been effective? Oh my G-d, have you! I have made tremendous change in my life, a change that is only bringing joy, success, love, and wealth my way. I have doubled my income, I have list weight, I have improved my relationship with my children and I am a happier person. With gratitude and blessings and may God gives you continued success for you and your clients.”

T.A.L, Family Business Member, Tel-Aviv, Israel

“Dr Lami, I would like everyone to know about you. You have SAVED my life! I don’t know where to start. There are so many things I would like to thank you for. I came to you to work on my relationship with money and my financial wellbeing and you helped me with more than just that. My relationship with my wife has changed 180 degrees – for the better and because of my work with you SHE has started to look into her life and change too. The quality of my work has improved as well as my earning capacity. My mood is much better, I am happier; you have ignited in me the spark of doing. You had taken someone who had looked like he was alive, but inside was dead, and you brought him back to life. ”

R. C. L., Beverly Hills, CA, USA

“Dr Lami, I want to tell you that you are a true healer. You have a gift from the creator that you want to share so that others can and will heal themselves. I thank you for trusting yourself enough to give me the guidance I need. I am finally able to choose life and enjoy my family and grow my work. In losing my fear I am gaining the life that I need and want to grow which is my purpose for living. The proof has been at work and at home and in every other area of my life. I feel so powerful and happy it is unbelievable. Thank you again for your support, love, kindness, honesty, and strength. You are truly a “mother earth.” May God continue to guide you to help others and may you continue to create a wonderful life for yourself. My prayers to you is that all your dreams come true. Thank you again, with deep gratitude.”

M.N., Manila, Philippines

“My work with Dr. Lami was very beneficial, it was truly fruitful. It opened up a lot of things to me, I learned a lot and I continue on learning new things. I am very thankful to God for finding Dr Lami. It took me almost a month to look for someone who understands psychology and wealth, then one day I stumbled upon Dr. Lami’s website. I knew in my heart that Dr. Lami is God’s sent. I thank Dr. Lami for openly and wholeheartedly sharing her knowledge and her wisdom with me. Your work helped me emotionally, psychologically as well as spiritually. Dr. Lami gave me valuable advice as well as spiritual enhancement and enlightenment. ”

M.H. M, CEO,
Los Angeles, CA, USA

“Dear Dr. Lami, you will be interested to know that as a result of our work with you, both my wife and I have noticed an exponential improvement in our daughter. She is more animated, confident and engaged in her projects and how great she is doing. Thank you! ”

M. M, Producer
West Hollywood

“I am grateful to Dr Lami for helping my wife and I through a challenging time in our life. We were looking for someone who understand money and success and we were lucky to find Dr Lami. They say good help is hard to find, and in our case particularly, one needs the best help they can find. I feel blessed to find someone so insightful, engaging and invested in our healing and growth process. Dr Lami has done so much for us. Thank you. ”

F. F. I. Los Angeles

“Dear Dr. Lami, thank you for your listening, giving so much of yourself, and your sound coaching. I don’t know if I have ever felt more understood or validated. You have a great gift to do the work of heavenly angels here on earth. Your ability to help people and combine money, emotional and mental issues, is unique. I feel such peace since our work, and I know that is in this climate of acceptance from professionals and decent people such as yourself I will do more than just heal. May you be blessed with all that is good and pure. With heartfelt appreciation.”

T.P., Brentwood, CA, USA

“I have to give you credit for giving me the courage to do something that I’ve needed to do for two years. Through our work I have been able to have the courage to say what I need to say and to stop living the way I do. Yes, I am successful and accomplished, but I did not live an authentic life. Having the conversation I have had to have helped me improve my relationships with my husband and brother. Thank you again for guiding me to this point, I could never have done this without your encouragement. Thank you very much.”

A & H P. Real Estate Developers,
W. Hollywood, CA, USA

“I have always thought that big success will be the answer to everything. I was wrong. It brought new issues… We have so much to be thankful for and we know we would have not gotten through with our marriage without your guidance and support. We have new plans which we work to achieve because of working with you. ”

Anonymous, Sarasota, Florida, USA

“I came to you to get help with wealth management. You guided me through an interesting process of examining my relationship with money and helping me to become aware and to find the solution. I can also see that my relationships with people around me improved. You are superb at what you do! ”

A. S, Insurance Company Owner, Santa Monica

“Thank you again for your excellent services, and your pleasant nature. We wish you much success now and in the future. ”

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