Family Wealth & Wellbeing: Premium Services

Helping Present, Past and Future Generations overcome the challenges of wealth transfer, succession planning and relationships by reaching new inner destinations.

These Family Wealth & Wellbeing Premium Services are not for everyone. It is a rigorous process that is designed for families who are willing to go the extra mile and create wellbeing in all life’s domains – financial, emotional, mental, social, and physical.

If you are interested in achieving successful wealth transfer and would like to address all matters facing your family like personal growth, marital issues, wealth parenting, setting a family educational center, relationships between relatives, and more – this service is for you!

Dr Lami’s goal is for you to attain extraordinary results tailoring the process to your specific needs.

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“”Working with Dr Lami transformed the relationships between our family members. She has helped us learn how to raise healthy children in the context of wealth and improve our relationship amongst family members. Dr Lami also helped us to explore and work on our individual challenges and our personal growth. Furthermore she enabled us to re write our Family Constitution and consider our Children’s education in the context of wealth, thus encouraging better communication amongst family members across the generations””

If one or more of the following are important to you, then Dr Lami’s Family Wealth & Wellbeing Premium Services are for you! 

  • Successful generational wealth transfer
  • Commitment to your next generation
  • Having positive social impact
  • Commitment to growth 



Premium Services are provided in-person or virtually and require an annual commitment.