Three Healthy, Empowering Ways to Think About Money in Uncertain Times

Worried about family wellbeing, money or financial consequences?

Financial uncertainty can slam at you at any point in your life. Here are three empowering ways to think about money when you are passing through uncertain times.

  1. Do not let the uncertainty control you: Uncertainty triggers our existential anxiety, which can make us do something that we may regret later. When there’s a difference between what you want and what is happening, and having no way to change it as such, we feel a loss of control on our lives. Simple ways that will help us bring some sense of control back can be taking actions towards a possible solution, even if they are small. This will make you feel you are gaining some sense of control over the situation.
  2. Reconsider the meaning of ‘Security’: A good way to deal with it is by redefining life as you know it. To do so requires letting go of many assumptions about what makes us feel safe and secure, especially, money.
  3. Choose to accept What Is: Denial or resisting reality keeps your mental peace miles away. Acceptance helps shifts things around. Acceptance does not mean becoming a zombie with no desire, or not wanting to do anything to change it. It means accepting things as they are, for the time being. This lets you make peace with the present condition. Try to understand that things won’t be this way forever. Nothing ever is. Consider this a learning opportunity and keep looking for the path to a brighter day ahead. The above steps will help you in maintaining peace of mind in financial uncertain times. It is human nature to feel fearful and anxious when encountering such times; these steps will help you in making sure you do not feel worse and will allow for something else, like a new possibility, a creative idea or new solution to emerge.

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