The Complex Psychology of Wealth and Succession – Farrer & Co

Farrer & Co Trustees Seminar invited Dr Lami to speak and provide her expert insight into the complex psychology of wealth and succession between generations. The talk reflected offshore trustees’ experiences of being trustees in the changing world we live in, particularly with the challenging times ahead.

Doctor Ronit Lami advises on how to navigate the relationship between trustee and beneficiary. This enables them to improve communication and resolve issues in a healthy and constructive way.

Dr Lami gave helpful psychological insights of wealth and succession answering questions like:

  • What is the changing world in which they operate?
  • What are the mind set differences between Trustees and Beneficiaries?
  • How does the changing world they are born into effect beneficiaries, and how does their privileged financial situation impact them?
  • How do we explore and understand what beneficiaries experience?
  • What are the challenging times ahead for the trustees’ beneficiaries?
  • What are the practical problems and key issues that are arising for trustees on a regular basis?.

In her discourse, Dr. Lami highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence and communication in wealth management. She emphasized that these attributes are critical in the successful stewardship and transition of wealth across generations. By developing and applying these skills, trustees and beneficiaries can better understand and address the challenges posed by the evolving global landscape.

Dr Lami offers practical tools and advice on how to develop better relationship between Trustees and Beneficiaries. If you are a trustee or beneficiary and would like to learn more about the psychology of wealth and succession then please get in touch here.

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