Spears – Best Family Business Advisors, Wealth Advisor & Psychologist

I am very proud to be listed on Spears 500 magazine as one of the top recommended family business advisors, wealth advisor & psychologists dealing with generational wealth transfer, Family Business & Family Office dynamics and non-financial wellbeing.

Having family relationships and being in business together can often lead to issues that are difficult to navigate. Furthermore, they are heightened by the emotional bonds between relatives. Family business therapy and advice can help resolve conflicts and improve communication in a family business.

Becoming one of the top Best Family Business Advisors is an honor. This achievement motivates me further to help people struggling with wealth transfer and transition. Acknowledgment of any kind is highly appreciated, especially when you are highly invested in your clients.

If you are part of a family business, then Dr Lami’s services are tailor made to your circumstances. These services provide a bespoke approach that is suitable to both the business and personal aspects of your life.

You can learn more about the Spears 500 article by checking out the links below. Finally, make sure to check out my services to learn more about what I do, and how it can benefit you with wealth transfer.

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