UHNW Therapy and Wealth Psychology Rehabilitation

Dr Lami, Wealth therapist and psychologist to UHNW individuals, was interviewed for a recent article in the Guardian about high end Swiss rehab clinics for UHNW.

Whether born into wealth, or wealth is aquired many people of wealth can experience issues with mental health, well being, trust and relationships. While wealth provides opportunity it can also lead to friction, self destructive behaviour and addiction.

I recall that when I started working in the field of Wealth Psychology back in 2000 almost no-one new about it. Nowadays the ultra-exclusive mental health treatment is one of many new micro-industries that have sprung up to serve high-net-worth. So much so that the Spears 500, the annual index of advisory services, now recommends experts on everything from vineyard acquisition to crypto reputation management.

With an increase in generational wealth transfer each year, people are looking for specialised professionals who understand the specific intricacies of succession planning and generational wealth transfer. The desire is for a service that comes in a bespoke, exclusive form, a private jet rather than a commercial airline. The article by Sophy Elmhirst wrote is an interesting read and covers some of the mental health challenges faced by wealth and the issues that can arise.


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