Navigating Generational Change in Trusts

Dr Lami featured in a panel discussion with Farrer & Co providing insight into the challenges faced by beneficiaries and trustees.

Dr Lami joins a recent panel discussion on trusts and the challenges of generational change. Dr Ronit Lami MSc, PhD. is a wealth psychologist licensed in the US and UK, who assists wealthy individuals and families with the non-financial aspects of their wealth and their lives.

This panel discussion helps to highlight the difficulties faced and provide practical tips for dealing with the issues encountered by generational changes in a trust.

Areas covered include:

  • Educating beneficiaries about how trusts work, and the duties and responsibilities of trustees,
  • Communicating effectively with beneficiaries, and engaging with them proactively to minimise the risk of disputes, and
  • Identifying members of the trustee team (or the legal team) who can ‘cut through’ and speak to the younger beneficiaries in terms which they understand.

Find out more by reading the full article below or to book a consultation with Dr Lami please get in touch here.

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