Your Money Personality


Our money personality is a blueprint for the role of money and success in our lives. It characterizes how we view money, how we go about acquiring it, holding on to it and disposing of it, as well as the impact that it has on the quality of our personal relationships.

There are different money personalities. Which one is yours?

Are you the Wizard who manifests against all odds? Or the Hunter who is always after the next deal and who is never satisfied? Perhaps you are the Safe Player seeking security? Maybe you are the Spiritualist and success is a taboo in your reality? Or the Dreamer, who thinks that things will be different one day, but is unable to take the steps to create success?

Each money personality has its strengths and weaknesses. Your weaknesses are blind spots, masking the obstacles to achieving greater success. Consequently, understanding your money personality will help you know what to focus on, so you are able to drive your success forward.

Knowing your money personality is more than a practical process, it is a Rite of Passage to your financial success.

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