Finance and wellbeing when dealing with the Coronavirus

Worried about family wellbeing or financial consequences because of the Coronavirus?

With the continued spread of the Coronavirus putting our oldest and most vulnerable at risk and with more and more of the world’s economy being shut down because of the virus mental health and finance have been brought to the fore. Many people feel concerned and experience anxiety due to COVID-19. This is not surprising. It touches upon our own survival instincts in the face of uncertainty. Therefore, the best way to help yourself stay calm is to act opposite to panic or fear, which is known to be our knee jerk reaction. We must learn NOT to think negatively about the future. We must stay centered and use all the tools that can help us be this way.

Here are few tips that can help you keep a positive state of mind and aid your wellbeing during Coronavirus pandemic:

Catch up with all the things you have left behind, that you have not had the time to focus on. Clean the house, be creative, play with your children. Invite them to come up with creative ideas of how we can make the world a better place. Ask them to make a commitment to do one positive thing to help the planet or humanity, once this pandemic is over.

Use this time for introspection, growth, and connectedness. Put the focus on others, not yourself.  Research has shown that in times of stress the best way of dealing with it is focusing on others for your wellbeing.

Practice positive affirmation. Imagine good times in the future, meditate, pray, connect with your loved ones, feel grateful for your health, and do anything else that will make you feel good (within reason). Watch comedy and movies that make you laugh. Connect to online groups, for example, Facebook groups that motivate people to stay positive.

Useful advice and further information

We are here to better help you navigate through these troubling times with tips and practical tools for reducing stress around reminding and improving relationships.

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