Dr. Lami Wins the Prestigious 2024 Award for Most Influential Financial & Mental Wellbeing Business Leader

Dr. Lami has been honored to receive the prestigious award “Most Influential Financial & Mental Wellbeing Business Leader 2024” by Acquisition International, a prominent voice in modern business.

This award celebrates her contributions to the fields of financial guidance and mental wellbeing, highlighting her innovative approach to integrating psychological insights into wealth management.

A Legacy of Leadership and Innovation

Over the years, Dr. Lami has dedicated herself to the advancement of how individuals and families manage wealth, focusing not only on financial growth but also on the psychological health that surrounds financial decisions. Her work encompasses a range of services from helping individual, couples and families to helping family businesses, family offices and wealth management advisors’. Nonetheless, her speaking engagements and educational workshops promote financial literacy intertwined with psychological well-being.

Her pioneering approach, which blends traditional financial planning with deep psychological insights, has transformed many lives, guiding her clients to have success while maintaining a healthy financial and mental wellbeing.

Transformative Impact in Financial and Mental Wellbeing

Dr. Lami’s influence extends beyond her client interactions. She is a sought-after speaker and educator, known for her engaging and insightful presentations that cover the psychological aspects of wealth management. Her seminars and workshops provide essential skills and knowledge, empowering attendees to tackle their financial challenges while supporting their mental health.

The “Most Influential Financial & Mental Wellbeing Business Leader” award recognizes not just Dr. Lami’s impact on her clients, but also her contribution to the broader community through public speaking, publications, and professional guidance. Her innovative methods and compassionate approach have set new standards in the wealth management industry, making her a deserving recipient of this distinguished accolade.

A Vision for the Future

Looking forward, Dr. Lami continues to be a beacon for those navigating the complex interplay between wealth and psychological wellbeing. She is

committed to expanding her outreach and developing new strategies that further integrate mental health awareness into financial practices.

Clients and colleagues alike are invited to explore the resources and learning opportunities offered by Dr. Lami, including her latest Estate Planning course which is designed to help grantors to understand that emotional, mental and financial aspects of their wealth transfer, as well as Couple’s Course, which is designed to help couples achieve financial harmony. More information about Dr. Lami’s work and her approach to wealth psychology can be found by emailing us.

This accolade from Acquisition International is a testament to Dr. Lami’s dedication and foresight in fostering a holistic approach to wealth management. Congratulations to Dr. Lami on this well-deserved recognition, underscoring her role as a leader at the intersection of financial acumen and psychological insight.

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