Coping with stressful times

 How can people overcome emotional stress?

With the continued spread of the Coronavirus and more and more of the world being shut down, mental health has been brought to the fore.

Staying at home not being able to work, or not as much as before, leaves almost everyone with some feelings of discomfort and stress. Most people are not used to dealing with such a situation.

There is a lot of uncertainty about what to do, or about what is right and what is wrong. Some people are left confused causing increased levels of emotional stress.

Thus, during this time it is important to understand the following psychological law. The past is not your future, but your present will be, so make sure it is a good one by making a decision to feel good NOW regardless, and in the face of, what is happening!

You can use various techniques to raise your vibration (emotions and thoughts). Decisions that are made when we are in a positive state of mind tend to benefit us in the long run. Make every effort to create a positive state of mind in whichever way feels good for you.

It could be spending time with your children, your family or friends. Every morning when you wake up write a list of positive aspects and meditate as much as you can. Research shows that meditation is one of the best ways to develop a healthy well-being – mentally, emotionally and physically. If you cannot meditate, spend time in nature, exercise, travel, do anything in your power to develop a positive attitude during this time. it may seem difficult at the beginning, but I encourage you to push yourself at first and a habit will be formed!

Start learning to accept the situation:  

Accepting something does not mean agreeing with it. Accepting is related to ‘learning to understand that ‘it is what it is’ for the time being, and thus having peace with it. One of the ways to achieving it, is to make a habit of finding positive things about the situation. Another way is to look into creative ways of improving life for yourself and others.

Develop daily affirmation: 

Every day make a list of 4-5 positive affirmations about the future you want to have. Examples: “My situation is temporary and it shall come to pass soon,” “I feel better and better with every passing day,” “A new financial opportunity is always available for me,” “I trust that all is well in my world,” etc. Write down whatever feels comfortable for you and keep stating it a few times throughout the day.

Do not dwell on the present situation in the world, constantly distract your mind and be out there:

Focus on committing to doing things that make you feel good and it will increase your well-being. You must get involved in new activities that you like doing. When your mind is distracted it helps you move away from thinking about what you have been going through. You can do something that involves helping others. Research shows that a good way to distract us from our own pain and get out of difficult times is through helping others.

Empower your strength: 

No matter what others suggest you do, it is you that has to go through the feelings you may experience. So, focus on your strengths and be empowered by them.

Useful advice and further information

If you feel you would like to talk to someone who can help you during this time we are here to better help you navigate these troubling times with tips and practical tools for reducing stress around reminding and improving relationships. Contact Dr. Lami today!

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