How can you help your children during Corona pandemic?

How can you help your children during Corona pandemic?

During the Corona pandemic, it is important to remember that parents should implement schedules and that routines to be kept as much as possible. Although not a rigid one, allow room for flexibility connectivity and fun.

Please be aware that both younger and older children appreciate routine and stability. They feel safer and more secure when they know what to expect next. For example, knowing that learning comes first, then a bath, and dinner last can set a child’s mind at ease, even during this time.

Do not stop following rules, giving rewards, and issuing discipline as necessary, because it helps show that routines are maintained. However, include fun time, together and alone. Show your children that everything is fine, and there’s nothing to worry about.
Your goal is to aim at preventing your children from experiencing stress. Establishing structure and stability requires the collaboration of both parents.

The following can help in achieving these goals:

Show that you are calm and pleasant: Don’t display stressful behavior in front of your children to reassure them everything is fine.

A well-known textbook rule: Make sure you talk about uncertain or stressful things away from your children’s presence.

Do not talk negatively about the situation or the future: Refrain from talking negatively with your children. Practice staying positive and encouraging.

Look at positive aspects: Emphasize all the good things in the situation and teach them to be grateful for what you all have e.g. like health, shelter, food etc.

Create an exercise where you ask your children to list what their positive aspects are about life and what they are grateful for each day.

These suggestions will set a good example for your kids and help them focus on the positive. It will automatically instil a sense of safety and stability.

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