Money attitudes that speed up your success

Why do some people succeed while others do not?

After decades of consulting some of the most successful people, I can say that there are three common reasons why people achieve success:

True Self Esteem:

It is easy to confuse financial status with self-esteem. Some rely on their net worth to gauge their self-worth. But when it is based on external factors, we are vulnerable to changes in fortune; Inner qualities are the true foundation of self-esteem. What character traits do you admire in others? Do you value courage, resilience, strength, self-discipline, leadership, etc.? None of those traits require money, yet all lead to true self esteem. Observing and honoring your own admirable traits is a key in creating success.

Feeling Inner Security:

A sense of inner security arises from being aware of the infinite wisdom within oneself. Aim at developing this awareness, so no matter what challenges or uncertainties come your way, you know that within you there are unlimited resources and creativity to help you deal with anything successfully. This is the ultimate source of security.

Meaningful journey:

The information age made earning money relatively easier and brings stronger desire, or urge, to making it. But sometimes in the race, you realise that “you have allowed the desire to control you”, while losing the meaning of it all. Truly successful people have found meaning in their journey and have learnt to direct the experience, rather than allowing it to control them. Ask yourself everyday: “Am I directing my journey?”, this will help to bring balance and strength.

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