Estate Planning

Estate planning is both a practical and emotional process and is key to successful wealth transfer. Prepare you and your loved ones with Dr Lami’s Estate Planning & Consultancy.

70% of families fail to sustain their family wealth. 5% due to poor financial education and 95% due to poor planning, breakdown in communication and trust

The challenges of Estate Planning

Successful estate planning is where assets are transferred smoothly and efficiently, with minimal disruption and loss. We all know how relationships can be stressed and hurt when financial affairs go wrong. Sadly, the emotional aspects during the estate planning process are often pushed aside or overlooked, whereas they deserve as much attention as the legal and financial ones.

There are several key factors that can contribute to a successful wealth transfer: planning, communication, documentation, diversification, and professional guidance.



How can Dr Lami Help?

During my career I have often observed the harmful ramifications of poor estate planning on the success of transferring wealth to the next generations. I have seen too often its negative effect on beneficiaries’ wellbeing and relationships when these soft issues were not considered.

Before you start your estate planning process, it is vital that you understand the emotional and psychological forces underpinning the decisions you need to make. It will help you to become clearer about the subconscious forces driving the decisions involved.

Dr Lami provides counselling and advice on the non-financial aspects of Estate Planning as well as an Estate Planning workbook that will help you gain a better understanding of your reasoning, realtionship  and atitudes to your wealth and those that you bequeath to. 


“…Our relationships improved, with your help we managed to put together a document that will guide and help next generations live healthier lives and not be negatively affected by their wealth.”

Dr Lami Estate Planning Services

There are several hidden emotions, behavioral patterns, and questions that I believe hinder the estate planning process. They usually revolve around 5 key issues:

  1. Who has control?
  2. Do you protect or over-protect?
  3. Do you focus on equality or fairness?
  4. What is the appropriate age to inherit?
  5. Do you inform children/beneficiaries and if so when?

Gain clarity about the answers to these questions and how to handle the soft issues surrounding your estate planning process.


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Online or in Person Consultations

Make an appointment with Dr Lami to explore and resolve issues related to planning your estate.


Estate Planning Workbook

A comprehensive workbook encouraging you to explore and understand your emotions and considerations related to estate planning.