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The Psychology of Wealth: The Rules of Gender and Money

LoveIn our culture, we grow up constantly bombarded with messages that men should have more power than women.

In the world of affluence, gender roles are even more clearly defined. From an early age, your heirs are expected to excel in subjects that will ensure their ability to carry on the family fortune. However, young females are encouraged to develop talents that will attract a suitable marriage partner – for example, looking good and being a gracious hostess. Any musical or artistic talents are accepted with great approval. (more…)

Affluenza and Wealth Psychology: When Your Spouse Spends Too Much…

carClient: “My husband and I both come from families of wealth and are lucky enough not having to had to work beyond managing the incomes our parents had created for us. In the five years we’ve been married we’ve traveled extensively, done philanthropic work and, just this year, started a family. But there’s a threat to our lifestyle that I’m worried about: my husband’s need to always have the latest and the best material things. It isn’t just unseemly to me – the costs are getting out of hand and could undermine our core finances. How can I help him to resist the pressure of keeping up?” (more…)

Money and Psychology: Having It All And Still Feeling ‘Amiss’?

boatDuring my work I have observed  that many successful and intelligent people and families who have almost everything money can buy, share that they experience challenges relating to their wealth, success or statues beyond investments, succession, governance structure or wealth preservation. At times they even experience a sense of “amiss”, “emptiness” or inner dissatisfaction, but are not able to explain why. (more…)

The Psychology of Relationships: Have a Need to Control Your Spouse?

A person who has existing inner feelings of helplessness, worthlessness, weakness, lack of confidence or other difficult emotions, will exercise emotional or physical control over their spouse (usually subconsciously), in order to force things to go their way and according to their will. It is done to regain a sense of security and (more…)




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