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Our Relationship with Money – Part I:- Affluenza

We all have a relationship with money whether we know it or not. This relationship determines how we think, speak and act about money. It will impact our level of financial success. It will affect how we feel about money, how we approach it or what do we do with it. It also impacts the relationship we have with ourselves, our spouse, our children, our family and others. It shows up everywhere in our lives. From our investment decision making, our spending and saving habits or our approach to estate planning ― to how much we give away, our life style desires and the choices we make. (more…)

Money and Success: How Do We Relate to it?

The myth of individual opportunity in our western society has affected most of us, and in particular our younger generations. As the culture of materialism has been sweeping the world (from West to East, and North to South), it has negatively impacted us in ways that are not fully recognized by many. One significant impact of it is our increasing tendency generation by generation to measure success by looking at how much money we make and how prestigious our careers are. For many becoming successful and making money has become an obsession. In their search to find ways to make money they search for a road-map to success that will lead them to the promised land, only to find out that it is not always so promising… (more…)

Money and Success: ‘Is more ever enough?’

Money is important, there is no doubt about it. It brings vitality, helps to pay our bills and enables us to live the lifestyle we desire ― especially in a world growing ever more affluent. Not having enough of it creates struggle, anxiety and stress, and sucks our life force and vitality. It is therefore not surprising that the majority of the Western world, particularly the younger generation, lists “getting rich” as one of their most significant personal goals. But this priority is far from realistic, as the percentage of those who expect to gain considerable wealth in the near future is exponentially higher than the percentage of those who actually will. Why do we focus so intently on accumulating more money and possessions? Are these desires even in our own best interests? And, most importantly, will money really make us as happy, or happier, as we seem to believe it will? (more…)

The Psychology of Success: How Do We Relate to Success?

balanceThere are a few mistakes people make with regards to success or their relationship with it. One most often overlooked is the fact that the majority of people equate success with the achievement of money, wealth, fame or power. The other most identifiable mistakes people make with regards to success or the achievement of it are: (more…)

Affluenza, an Unhealthy Relationship with Money

moneyMoney is the single most transformational substance in our society. It is seductive, alluring, fascinating, and perceived as greatly desirable. It is everyone’s dream.

But can this dream turn into a nightmare?

Many of us live in affluent times. Never in history have so many of us been swamped by so much material choices, rapid technological developments and the opportunity for many of us to acquire large sums of money. In the USA last year, only 136 trillion dollars were passed down from one generation to another. Despite the perceived comforts (more…)




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