Money and Psychology: Can Anyone Ever Have Enough?

Money or success: is more ever enough?

It is easy to say that human nature is to “want more”, but why is that so?

If we believe that there is a source that has created this universe (God, the infinite intelligence, etc.) and part of our being is in IT’s image, it is reasonable to say that the source’s nature is infinite (as God is). Therefore, infinite energy wants to expand and experience itself in its infinite form, which means: more and more.

This means that a part of us is unlimited as well, meaning: we have an innate desire for more. This is an aspect of our creator, and therefore – whether it be by nature, by definition or by our design – we always want more. We have it exist within ourselves, as we are made in his image.

We can say that it is the divine plan for us to want more. The problem starts when the desire for more triggers the development of dysfunctional attitudes, thoughts, behaviors and actions, and causes the manifestation of physical illnesses – in the pursuit or want for more. For example when we lose our integrity, when we develop greed, when we become obsessed with having more, when we manifest physical challenges, when we make money our idol, etc. When this happens, the wanting for more is no longer a “divine” desire, but our ego kicking in!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more. I believe it is God’s gift to us. But we need to make sure that the desire for more is balanced, and does not come from our “dark” side (to use Carl’s Jung’s terminology). Our job is to embrace an attitude of gratitude with an inner feeling of “I have enough at any given moment of my life, but I still desire more.”

In other words, not needing more, but desiring more.

A desire for something is free of emotional attachment or dysfunctional behavior; needing something is associated with one’s emotions being attached to the outcome.

Thus, if we don’t achieve or get something we needed, we are usually upset, disappointed, etc. If we learn to desire, and free ourselves from all the dysfunction that is associated with needing more, it will have a positive impact on our lives: our personal relationships, our well-being and our happiness. We can only achieve true happiness if we satisfy our mind and our spirit. And the spirit is not fulfilled by the acquisition of external things, but rather by the fulfillment of inner qualities such as the desire for appreciation, love, respect, kindness, peace of mind, etc. And as we all know, money cannot buy us any of these!






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