We all have a success identity that starts forming during our upbringing. This identity will stay the same throughout our lives or will change depending upon our financial desires and experiences.

It is important to recognize that success identity is associated with our survival mechanism “Fight or Flight”. The “flight” part of our identity will make us panic merely at the thought that one day we will not have enough. On the other hand, the “fight” part will make us figure out how to resolve problems to achieve success. It is important to know that these two opposites exist in each of us.

Success Identity: Shaping Your Path to Achievement

Our success identity forms during our upbringing and plays a pivotal role in our lives. It reflects our beliefs, experiences, and family attitudes towards money and wealth. By consciously choosing to empower the resilient “fight” response and not allowing the fear-based “flight” to control us, we can redefine ourselves beyond our available resources. Developing a resourceful mindset is key to transcending our underlying identity and paving the way for lasting success.

It is our choice which part of our identity we empower and give more voice to. In times of challenge, you can choose not to be controlled by your “flight” mechanism. So even in the face of uncertainty, you can decide to fight the flight, accept the unexpected, and not define yourself based on your available resources.

None of us rises beyond our underlying identity unless we consciously practice developing a resourceful mindset that leads us to be successful.

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