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Wellbeing for Family Offices, Family Business & UHNW

Many families and individuals do not feel comfortable talking about their financial status nor do they feel comfortable sharing life challenges they may face, because of a double stigma: ‘money is supposed to make people ‘free’ of difficulties’. But money is not the answer to all of life’s experiences, since it cannot replace our innate desire for love, appreciation, acceptance and growth, nor does it shelter us from life’s journey and its difficulties as one of Dr. Lami’s clients once said:

“Growing up in a wealthy family, we were taught not to talk about money and society expects us not to have problems or challenges. But we have the same emotions and feelings like everyone else. We get hurt, we grief, and we have our own relationship issues, but it is more difficult to admit this.”

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“Dr. Lami, I would like to thank you SO MUCH for all the work you have done with each member of my family. Working with you was inspiring and very empowering.

I love the way you get people to think and how you harness methods from different disciplines. You have a very special gift. With much appreciation, warmly,”

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Meaningful Wealth Across Generations for Individuals, Couples & Families

There is no shortage of people who can advise on investments or ways to save money. However, as the needs of family offices and UHNW have become more complex, it is important to understand the “non-financial” aspects of wealth management alongside the fiscal ones.

This may include helping individuals and families promote healthy dialogues and discussions, learning how to raise well balanced children in the context of wealth, the meaning of healthy wealth transfer, exploring the impact of wealth on family relationships and the individual’s life, dealing with communication issues, finding purpose and meaning, marital issues, helping beneficiaries with to develop empowering dialog and communication with the family office and the trustees or management issues associated with it, or simply wanting to understanding our money personalities and our relationship with money are all some of the areas of Dr Lami’s work with her clients.

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Family Wealth Coach, Therapist
Family Office Executive Coaching & Counselling

About Dr. Lami

My work is unique in the wealth management industry. I assist family offices, family businesses and global HNW families manage the non-fiscal aspects of their wealth and at times across the generations. My focus is mostly on people and the quality of their lives, while we explore many aspects of it, from estate planning & wealth transfer to parenting and resolving conflicts. I help families, couples, and individuals with what matters to them emotionally and mentally, and less on the day-to-day decisions of wealth management.

I myself come from a family business background and have experienced first-hand the impact family business dynamics have on our emotional and mental wellbeing and the quality of our relationships. Working through my own challenges gives me both a personal and professional understanding of the challenges faced by my clients. Thus, supporting clients to move forward in a sustainable and healthy way. If you’re looking for reliable Wealth Psychology Coaching Counselling, then don’t hesitate to reach out!

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