Women & Wealth:

Taking Your Life & Success

To The Next Level

““Women now control 52% of wealth, which is expected to grow to an estimated two-thirds by 2030.”

National Association of Women Business Owners, 2017

Despite the huge progress that has been made, when it comes to women’s rights, navigating life as a woman can still be challenging. This is especially so in a male-dominated environment, where a woman can face additional hurdles to overcome. Even after becoming successful, gaining recognition, and occupying prominent positions in their career, many women still face issues that men don’t.

I work with entrepreneurial women, women of wealth, women beneficiaries, and women in significant positions, to build greater confidence, enhance your voice, your impact, and broaden your influence within your family, businesses, and communities.


You will get the tools that will help you exert greater voice and influence, and will help you deal with intricate situations, relationships, and the complexities surrounding money and wealth. You will become mindful, and will see how your behavior and attitudes can undermines your success, relationships, and happiness.

There are important questions you must ask yourself if you seek to achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals. I specialise in putting forward these specific questions and thus support your path to achieving your goals, while equipping you with the tools to succeed.

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