Understanding Family Wealth Psychology

The impact of wealth on family relationships

The Impact of Wealth on Family Relationships: Families Come Together to Explore Wealth, Resolve Family Conflicts and Improve Communication

Our relationship with money and wealth show up everywhere in our lives, from our spending and saving habits to our parental approach – to how much we give away and the choices we make. We have all experienced how relationships can be stressed and hurt when financial affairs are perceived by one side or the other to be unfair; how communication breaks down; how resentment burns deeply. Dr. Lami works with you to explore the meaning and purpose of wealth in your life and how your relationship with money, attitudes and beliefs impact important aspects of your life.

Families are uncomfortable talking about their financial statues and the challenges they may face. These can be painful issues that need healing, and differences that are hard to discuss. There are conscious and unconscious blockages that get in the way. These blockages create tension and inhibits parents, children and the following generations opening up healthy and constructive dialogues and hinder creating successful planning and successful discussions between family members. Dr. Lami use a process to help family members, individually and collectively, to overcome these challenges.

Families find it difficult to talk openly, especially when opinions are conflicted – it is easier to avoid the conversation than to talk about the conflict! However, when given the opportunity to voice their opinion and express their differences, in a safe and constructive environment, while guided to understand the root of their conflict and how to resolve it, the result is usually positive and pleasantly surprising!

Dr. Lami is skillful at providing a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and address feelings, concerns or challenges, Dr. Lami will help you establish positive communication skills and stronger relationships and guide you toward resolution.

In her work, Dr. Lami helps families to identify and resolve the difficult issues that are standing in the way of the strong, loving relationships they deserve.

Impact of Wealth on Family Relationship

With private and confidential family retreats and/or relationship coaching sessions Dr Lami’s  services resolve emotional or financial conflicts, improving communication, connection and the quality of relationship, amongst family members.

Virtual or Face-to-Face Meetings/Sessions are both available. For more information on Wealth Psychology or for help with the impact of wealth on your family or relationships please get in touch with Dr Lami here.