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Recognizing the lack of awareness on the impact that money can have on mental or emotional well-being, Dr. Lami focuses on delivering tailor made solutions to match the needs of individuals, couples and families around the globe with the ‘non-financial’ challenges wealth presents across generations, cultures and within family businesses.

Virtual or Face-to-Face Meetings/Sessions are both available. For information on mental wealth therapy please get in touch here.

Money and our attitudes to the financial aspects of our lives can have a negative impact on general well-being, our relationships, business encounters and a lot more. Managing wealth, whether individually, across generations or within family businesses can create problems for many.

Dr Lami offers psychology and counselling services to those looking for help with their emotional, mental or wealth wellbeing.

Family Well-Being & Wealth Coaching Counselling

Dr Lami’s wealth psychology services are helpful for individuals, couples, families and family businesses who need guidance and advice in a secure and safe environment. She is also available to speak and teach at schools, universities, conferences and events on the subjects of wealth psychology, wealth and relationships, our attitudes towards money, happiness and more.

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Family Business Coaching, Therapy & Counselling

Navigating business finance issues, especially in family businesses, can have negative effects on our mental well being, our relationships and more. Family business therapist Dr Lami offers her help as a wealth psychologist and financial wellbeing coach.

Explore your relationship with money and others in a safe environment and learn how to overcome the barriers faced by financial stress, relationship strain, anxiety and more.

  • Resolve Family Conflicts
  • Next Gen Family Business Coaching
  • Improve Communication & Relationships
  • More Than A Family Constitution
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Based in both Los Angeles, California and London, in the UK, Dr Lami is able to offer wealth psychology, wealth therapy and counselling services and public speaking to a wide area.

With clients and events in California and the US to the United Kingdom as well as internationally.

Family Business Consulting
Well-Being & Wealth Coaching
Next Generation Coaching

For information on family wealth psychology & therapy services please get in touch here.
Virtual or Face-to-Face Meetings/Sessions are both available.

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