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Family Business Consulting, Coaching & Counseling

Family businesses are complex. The duality that exists between having family relationships and being in business together can lead to issues that require the necessary skills, sensitivity and understanding of family system dynamic. Dr. Lami, Family business psychologist, experienced it firsthand growing up… She herself comes from a family business background. This gives her both a personal and professional understanding of the challenges faced by families in business together, thus making her better equipped to  help her clients resolve family conflicts, communication issues, improve relationships, resolve rivalry or disputes, next generation coaching and preparation as well as creating a family constitution that really matters and makes a positive and sustainable impact for generations.

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The Psychology of Wealth Across Generation for UHNW & HNW

Dr Lami’s wealth psychology services are helpful for individuals, couples, families and family businesses who need guidance and advice on emotional and mental wellbeing in a secure and safe environment. This may include how to raise well balanced children in the context of wealth, the meaning of healthy wealth transfer, exploring the meaning and impact of wealth on family relationships and the individual’s life, dealing with communication issues, finding purpose and meaning, marital issues, understanding our money personalities and our relationship with money are all some of the areas of Dr Lami’s work with her clients.

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Next Generation Coaching

Being part of the next generation has special advantages and challenges. Often, you may find yourself in the dark about what exactly is expected of you and what are you allowed to receive, or how well will you be able to deal with the responsibilities that come with it. You may also find yourself uncertain of your skills, capabilities, and knowledge about the family’s wealth landscape.

Nonetheless, communicating about money is often a taboo in most families and therefore you find yourself unclear about many aspects of your family’s financial situation, or your place in the family business. Others struggle with their life purpose and the vision for their future. Sometimes the feeling of uncertainty, sadness, emptiness, anxiousness, sham, or guilty sets in, and for reasons that most do not understand.

You are not alone. Many NextGen clients Dr. Lami has worked with have experienced these challenges and have been guided on how to resolve and overcome them.

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About Dr. Lami: Family Business and Wealth Psychologist, Coach, Consultant, Speaker

Dr. Ronit Meshie-Mai Lami is unique within the wealth management industry. Being a Coach and a Wealth Psychologist, she assists her clients with the non-financial aspects of their lives across the generations.

Families are complex ecosystems. Deciding on the best strategy for a successful estate plan is hard enough, and implementing that strategy rarely goes smoothly. That’s why families so often turn to advisors, to secure a positive future. Dr. Lami’s gift is her ability to look at the whole picture and guide her clients in how to resolve situations and issues pertaining to their lives, which allows them to move forward in a sustainable and healthy way.

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