balanceThere are a few mistakes people make with regards to success or their relationship with it. One most often overlooked is the fact that the majority of people equate success with the achievement of money, wealth, fame or power. The other most identifiable mistakes people make with regards to success or the achievement of it are:

  1. Equating money with happiness: there is a widespread belief that one will be happier if one has more money, however, there are many stories of people who have achieved financial success but do not experience happiness;
  2. Associating money with security and safety: those who are familiar with various new age or spiritual teachings are well aware of the fact that this is not true. The ultimate security and safety is our connection with the divine (however we choose to define or describe it) and this is probably one of the main messages all religions and spiritual masters have been aiming to teach us;
  3. Determining self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence based on how much money they have and therefore relate to others in those terms. In my practice I have seen on many occasions what can happen if one’s identity is primarily identified by money, wealth, or external achievements: people who had money but lost or left it all of the sudden can’t really recognize themselves anymore, resulting in an identity crisis.