LoveIn our culture, we grow up constantly bombarded with messages that men should have more power than women.

In the world of affluence, gender roles are even more clearly defined. From an early age, your heirs are expected to excel in subjects that will ensure their ability to carry on the family fortune. However, young females are encouraged to develop talents that will attract a suitable marriage partner – for example, looking good and being a gracious hostess. Any musical or artistic talents are accepted with great approval. But any signs of interest in science or business is discouraged or looked at with embarrassment. After all, in a male-domineering financial arena it might be unacceptable for a young lady to know more than her future husband.

Affluent women unconsciously choose a less financially successful path to ensure that their odds remain favorable in the relationship arena. Women with inherited wealth may downplay their financial acumen in an attempt to appear less powerful to prospective partners.

On the other hand, for a potential husband heir the cultural pressure to achieve is even greater than it was before. The level of the individual’s social acceptance no longer defines his success. It is no longer sufficient to have money and live a life of leisure. Men are accepted to continue to cultivate their wealth in a manner that makes it clear that they are educated and involved in the process of making money. As their financial worth increases, so does our cultural regard and esteem for them. Therefore, the cultural pressure to achieve success has a deeper affect than what meets the eye.