Rodeo roadTrying to create a roadmap to success, by definition, is a failed attempt. The dictionary defines a roadmap as “a detailed plan or explanation to guide you in setting standards or determining a course of action”. In the context of a roadmap to success the definition will be: “a detailed plan or explanation to guide a person in determining a course of action to achieve success (i.e. the desired outcome, which is usually equated with money, power or fame)”. This is something that in recent years, many people have aimed to do: explain to others how to achieve success by teaching a plan they have come up with. However, it is not as simple as it may sound…

I believe many of you have observed people who have tried to follow certain teachings, for example: Rich Dad – Poor Dad, The Secret, Law of Attraction, The Millionaire Mind, to name only few, and have not succeeded.

The question is why? Haven’t they followed an already existing roadmap to success?

The answer to this question can be illustrated by using a spiritual perspective. If we look at creation and its infinity, and use it as analogy to describe God’s mind, we can say that God’s wisdom is infinite. Consequently, it includes infinite possibilities for success creation and thus contains infinite possibilities for a roadmap to success. Our mind on the other hand is finite; as a result, we as human beings are limited by the number of roadmaps that we can come up with. Thus, trying to show someone how to follow a specific roadmap is defeating our purpose, because each individual has, at the subconscious level, a blueprint of their own roadmap to success. This means that my success is not the same as someone else’s success. Our journey is to discover and identify what success truly means for us, what our purpose is in life, and go about achieving it; thus creating our own roadmap to success…







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