The Psychology of Money & Wealth

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Dr. Lami is considered an insightful, cutting-edge and thought-provoking speaker on the psychology of money, success and relationships who brings a diverse expertise and wealth of knowledge to each of her speaking engagements. During her 18+ years as a psychologist, she has spoken at conferences and events and has given seminars, workshops and keynotes around the world. Dr. Lami’s presentation style is unique as she has the ability to combine different disciplines and engage her audience in a way that is educating, inspiring and empowering.

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Dr. Lami offers the following topics on The Psychology of Money & Wealth:

The Power of Money

Uncovering Affluenza and our relationship with money
*Can be delivered as either a lecture/speech or a workshop/seminar

  • How does money affect our lives?
  • Our relationship with money: The good, the bad, and the dysfunctional
  • Affluenza: The hidden enemy
  • What are the solutions to Affluenza?

Materialism and Spirituality

Has money become the new religion?
*Delivered as a lecture/speech

  • What effect does living in an affluent society have on our lives?
  • Discovering the pitfalls of our affluent time
  • Materialism vs. spirituality: Which one is more powerful?

The Psychology of Wealth

Understanding our relationship with wealth
*Can be delivered as either a lecture/speech or a workshop/seminar

  • What is wealth psychology?
  • Uncovering the challenges of wealth
  • Affluenza: Our dysfunction with wealth?
  • Who is mostly affected by Affluenza?
  • Passing along wealth: Defining the family mission and integrating personal goals
  • Exploring case studies

Family Offices and the Psychology of Wealth

A guide for family offices
*Delivered as a lecture/speech

  • Uncovering the impact of Affluenza and wealth on family members and the different needs and challenges it creates
  • Identifying the different functions of family offices
  • Should a family office assist the family with non-fiscal issues?
  • Estate planning: Defining the family mission and integrating personal goals
  • Beneficiaries vs. custodians: How does it impact the strategy?

The Psychology of Money Dispute

The impact of Affluenza in cases of dispute and mediation
*Delivered as a lecture/speech

  • Identifying the concept of Affluenza
  • Uncovering the symptoms of Affluenza and their impact on money disputes
  • Exploring the psychological influences and inner realities of grantors and beneficiaries
  • Working with custodians and beneficiaries: What are the psychological differences?
  • Possible solutions for all