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Clients Share…

Investment Banker, Denmark

“Spending the time to work with you has been the most rewarding investment I have ever made. And I know about investments. I came to see you because of my fear that my fiancée is only with me because of how much money I have. You helped me to see things the way they really are, beyond my fears, and gave me the confidence to marry her. For the first time I truly “invested” in the most valuable thing – myself! I call it an investment because I do not think that we regard “working on ourselves” as an investment. We usually only seek help or advice when we face a crisis. I now realize how wrong that is, and how many problems in my life I could have avoided…thank you so much for all your help!”

A. and P., Los Angeles, USA

“A good friend of mine had started working with you. One day she asked me to participate in an assignment that you had given her to do. I was impressed by it as well as with all the other things I had heard about you. My husband is a well-known person and I had been looking for someone to work with we can trust. I felt that you were the right person for us. And I was right. Due to my husband’s recognition he was always careful not to share too much with a “stranger”. However, you gained his trust in such a way that he opened up to you like he had never done before. Once he was able to do so, things started to positively shift for us. Our work with you was short, to the point and successful. Thank you Dr. Lami. God Bless.”

H., An Heir, USA

“Dr. Lami has coached my wife and me through a difficult time in our life. On a material level, we had it all. But somehow, our wealth negatively affected our relationship. It presented us with challenges we were not equipped to handle. Dr. Lami has done so much for us. Thank you so much.”

R. S., Business Owner, Los Angeles, USA

“Dr. Lami, I would like to thank you SO MUCH for all the work you have done with each member of my family. Working with you was inspiring and very empowering. I love the way you get people to think and how you harness methods from different disciplines. You have a very special gift. With much appreciation, warmly, R. S.”

Realtor, New York, USA

“Very few people ever think about why they relate to money the way they do, how it influences their everyday decisions and how it plays a part in their lives. In your seminar I gained insights into the reasons behind my decision-making about money. Now I have a better awareness as to why I spend money the way I do.”

A., On Behalf of the Family, England

“I always thought that the money my grandfather had passed down to us was a blessing. This was until I got to an age where I wished to have my own control over the family money, which was tied into a trust. I will not describe the whole situation here, but I can honestly say that my extended family and I have achieved our goals as a result of working with Dr. Lami.”

G. C., Beverly Hills, USA

“Dr. Ronit Lami is a seasoned coach and advisor. She gives her clients a fresh perspective and holds them accountable for their goals and commitments. She is highly skilled. As an independent sounding board, she will give you and key members of your family relevant feedback to help you achieve new levels. She will open your mind to developing new ways to attack old challenges, and help you get to the root cause of the problem so that you are able to make fundamental changes. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Lami as one of the best coaches I have worked with during my 40-year career.”

R. H., Entrepreneur, Beverly Hills, USA

“I came to you with what appeared to be a challenge created by my wealth. I had lost a lot of money and although I still had more than enough, I panicked and did not know what to do. You guided me through a process that brought about a change in my perception. You helped me to find the solution by learning how to work through my money challenges. As a result of our work together, my level of fear and anxiety has diminished. I can also see that my relationships have improved. You are brilliant at what you do!”

K. H., Business Owner, Beverly Hills, USA

“In your money seminar I realized how deep a role money plays in any kind of relationships, whether it is in my business, my marriage or with my friends and family. Thank you for opening my eyes to it, now I can do something to change things for the better!”

J. S. and the family, London, UK

“You helped my family and me travel much more deeply and expressively along the road of exploring the meaning of success – internalizing so many ideas relating to this in beautifully thought out and thought through concepts. Your contribution was masterful! You have such a gift not only for beautiful and deep ideas, but also being able to express them so well. Kudos! May you continue to be successful in all ways!”

The B. Family, Los Angeles, USA

“Dr. Ronit Lami walked us through a process of exploring our relationship with money. When she asked our family the question of: “What is one thing you want to transform regarding your relationship with money?” some of us did not know what to answer. We never thought of having a relationship with money. How wrong we were. One of the things we learned is that money can be the reason why some people have inner challenges and that these challenges usually fall into one or more of 4 categories. We examined each of them and began to understand where our blockages occur. It helped us to deal and resolve various challenges.”

D. G. on behalf of the family, Texas, USA

“So much has happened in the last year and much of it is a direct result of my work with you. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my path and let go of what was needed so I could follow my dream. It was challenging. Before working with you I did not have the courage and did not know how to do it. But with your guidance I was able to do it. Thank you for helping me change my life for the better. We are all much happier now. I could not have done it without your guidance, insights and support every step of the way. Thanking you is not enough…”

The M. Family, West Hollywood, USA

“I am grateful to Dr. Lami for helping my wife and me through a challenging time. They say good help is hard to find and in our case particularly (I was unfaithful), one needs the best help one can find. I feel blessed to have found someone so insightful, engaging and invested in our healing and growth process. Thank you.”

A Family, UK

“We had a problem with the family trust. We wanted to gain our independence and believed that taking legal actions was the only solution to the problem. But we were wrong. It has taken some time but we have managed to resolve our challenges. We are convinced that much of it happened because of the work we did with you. Thank you.”

The R. Family, USA

“Dr. Lami is clear, modest and insightful. Learning that we shouldn’t equate ourselves with money was challenging but a welcome discussion in our family. Being reminded of this by a psychologist and not an ethicist or a cleric was encouraging.”

N. M., London, UK

“Receiving a windfall of money presented me with unfamiliar problems. I am grateful a service like yours exists for people who face this type of situation.”

S. Y., Los Angeles, USA

“Dr. Lami saved my marriage and life. I was in the process of getting a divorce and she helped my husband and me understand the true meaning of what our relationship meant to each other. She helped us tremendously in ways I can’t thank her enough. She taught both of us how to communicate and appreciate each other. We have been to many therapists in the past, and no one compares to Dr. Lami. I will always and forever be grateful for the person who referred me to her. Dr. Lami was always available to us when we were in a crisis; she always checked on both of us and she also maintained such a professional relationship with my husband and me. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for you Dr. Lami. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

R. L. L., Lawyer, London, UK

“I always thought that money would be the solution to many of my problems. How wrong I was…. Making a great deal of money presented me with a different set of challenges. It affected my relationships with family members and friends, as I started to change. Working with you made me realize that having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee happiness. Thanks to the work we did together and your seminars I have been able to cope with it all.”