Next Gen Coaching


Being part of the next generation has special advantages and challenges. Often, you may find yourself in the dark about what exactly is expected of you and what are you allowed to receive, or how well will you be able to deal with the responsibilities that come with it. You may also find yourself uncertain of your skills, capabilities, and knowledge about the family’s wealth landscape.

Nonetheless, communicating about money is often a taboo in most families and therefore you find yourself unclear about many aspects of your family’s financial situation, or your place in the family business. Others struggle with their life purpose and the vision for their future. Sometimes the feeling of uncertainty, sadness, emptiness, anxiousness, sham, or guilty sets in, and for reasons that most do not understand.

You are not alone. Many NextGen clients Dr. Lami has worked with have experienced these challenges and have been guided on how to resolve and overcome them.

Virtual or Face-to-Face Meetings/Sessions are both available. For information on Next Generation Counseling & Psychology Services please get in touch here.

Next Gen Coaching can help deal with these issues as well as guide and support you in any of the following:

  • Identifying a career path
  • Minimizing family conflict
  • Increase self-awareness about strengths, limitations, and interacting with others
  • Resolve ambivalence about your wealth
  • Overcome the fear that you may never measure up
  • Learn to communicate in an effective way
  • Develop an empowered mental and emotional well being
  • Learn about the meaning of money and wealth
  • Understand your relationship with money and how it impacts you
  • Become aware of unconscious patterns that are in the way of achieving your goals and desires
  • Overall personal growth and emotional intelligence 
  • Exploring your purpose

In a safe environment, you will explore common concerns and situations unique to your background. Your emotional and mental well-being is key to healthy succession, because as we all know, financial success presents both opportunities and challenges.

The key is learning how to use money as an empowering tool, so you can lead fulfilled, content and harmonious life. If you do so, you will be the master of your life. If you do not, money will run your life.

For information on Next Generation psychology services please get in touch here.

Virtual or Face-to-Face Meetings/Sessions are both available.

For information on Next Generation Counseling and Psychology Services please get in touch here.

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