Money & Wealth Coaching

Uncover Your Hidden Patterns and Achieve Financial Wellbeing

“I don’t know where to start. There are so many things I would like to thank you for. I came to you to work on my relationship with money and my financial wellbeing and you helped me with more than just that…”

T.A.L, Tel-Aviv, Israel

We all have a relationship with money whether we know it or not. Our relationships with money show up everywhere in our lives. They impact investments, spending, saving, donations, and lifestyle. They also impact our relationships with ourselves, spouses, children, family, and friends. Unlocking them is at the heart of my money or wealth coaching and therapy.

Dr Lami’s Wealth Therapy offers coaching for individuals, couples and families:

Individual Wealth Coaching

Each of us has money patterns that we have developed but do not see clearly. If we do not recognize them, these patterns sabotage various aspects of our lives: our feeling of happiness, satisfaction, success, and contentment.

The key is to unlock these unconscious patterns, and to learn how to use money as an empowering tool to create a richer, more fulfilled, content, and harmonious life.

Individual money & wealth coaching is designed as a positive and effective way to explore, discover, and transform the unconscious patterns and behaviors you have around money or wealth.

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Wealth Coaching for Couples

Many couples have conflict over money at one point in their relationship, no matter how much cash there is. Money issues are the biggest cause of divorce. It also makes a divorce process more difficult than it should be.

We enter relationships with our own money patterns, and quite often these tend to clash, leaving us angry and confused. Many couples find themselves incompatible around money or wealth matters and conversations. They inevitably argue and are unable to have a healthy discussion about money or face other issues surrounding their relationship.

If you experience challenges in your relationship relating to money or wealth discussions and behaviors, Dr Lami’s money and wealth coaching process is for you. It will help you develop awareness, understanding, better communication, and will improve your relationship with your partner.

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Family Wealth Coaching

We have all witnessed how relationships can be stressed, or even fall apart, because of money. Communication breaks down, resentment burns deeply, and huge rifts can develop.

Families are often uncomfortable talking about financial matters or life challenges they may face. These can be painful, issues that need healing, and raises differences that are difficult to discuss.

What most people don’t realize is that there are conscious and unconscious blockages that get in the way. These blockages create tension and prevent family members, siblings, parents, children and the following generations from opening up healthy and constructive dialogues. It also hinders having successful discussions or conversations between family members.

Dr Lami works with you and members of your family to develop awareness and understanding regarding money matters and the family’s money dynamic. This work helps to promote communication, explore the meaning and purpose of money in your lives, and to understand how your relationship with money, attitudes and beliefs impact important aspects of the family’s life and each member of the family.

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