Family Business Consulting

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Bringing Families in Business Together… 

Family businesses are complex. The duality that exists between having family relationships and being in business together can lead to issues that require the necessary skills, sensitivity and understanding of family system dynamic. Dr. Lami experienced it first hand growing up… She herself comes from a family business background, which gives her both a personal and professional understanding of the challenges faced by her clients.

Resolve conflicts : It is not unusual for communication to break down between family business members as each member has their own motivations, perceptions of each other, viewpoints of the family history, and fairness thresholds. Breakdowns create wider repercussions, creating significant barriers to progression, and impacting performance across other areas of life. However, when given the opportunity to voice their opinion and express their differences, in a safe and constructive environment, while guided to understand the root of their conflict and how to resolve it, the result is pleasantly surprising!

Improve communication & relationships : Dr. Lami is highly experienced and trained in understanding family dynamics and identifying the unconscious aspects that are at play, which stops progression and create conflicts. Thus, she helps family in business to overcome hurdles to communication, business and personal relationships between family members and progression and performance in their business.

In working with Dr. Lami some of the things clients tend to focus on are:

  • Creating deeper love, commitment, unbreakable unity and equality between family members
  • Reconcile individual views on the family business with the others who might feel differently
  • Be able to self-express and communicate their thoughts and feelings freely and comfortably
  • Learn to respect and accept their differences and appreciate their strengths, utilizing it positively in the family business
  • Explore the differences between their attitudes versus behaviours in practice and realise the impact that this has




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