Family Well-Being & Wealth Coaching

Families, Couples and Individuals

There is no shortage of people who can advise on investments or ways to save money. However, as the needs of family offices and UHNW (Ultra-high net-worth ) have become more complex, it is important to understand the “non-financial” aspects of wealth management alongside the fiscal ones. The field of Wealth Psychology aims at creating non-financial well-being for families, couples, and individuals.

The challenges faced by affluent families, whether as a result of generational wealth or business, involve more than investments’ or good estate planning. Above all, these challenges require an understanding of the beliefs, attitudes and feelings that drive those decisions and the impact they would have on the generations.

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How can Family Wealth Psychology help?

Family wealth psychology can help families, couples and individuals with issues related to non-financial well-being. Including the resolution of family disputes, conflicts caused as a result of wealth and other money-related issues.

This is why Dr Lami offers her ‘Family Office Services’ and Family Business Consulting to facilitate, support and guide clients to constructively navigate the non-financial aspects of wealth management and the family lives, in a confidential, safe and supportive environment. Family wealth psychology services, help clients better understand the importance of non-financial well-being and how it impacts various parts of your life, such as family relationships, family communication, family business success and more.

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