Family Wealth Coaching

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For Families, Couples and Individuals  

“You cannot solve current problems with current thinking. Current problems are the RESULT of current thinking.” – A. Einstein

Many of us do not feel comfortable talking about difficulties, problems, emotions, money and more. However, all these aspects get in the way – they create tension and inhibits individuals, couples or families from connecting to each other in a meaningful way, or from communicating and opening up healthy and constructive dialogues and resolutions. Thus, Dr. Lami offers these services to facilitate, support and guide clients to constructively navigate the non-fiscal aspects of their lives, in a confidential, safe and secure environment. Most of the time, many of us are aware of the problem but find it difficult to apply a solution – particularly when emotions are involved – because the resolution involves ‘removing’ unconscious blockages that stand in the way… In working with Dr. Lami, clients tend to focus on achieving outcomes that revolve around:

  • Prenuptial and postnuptial discussions
  • Wealth transfer discussions
  • The impact of family history across generations
  • Marital and individual challenges
  • Communicating feelings in a safe manner without alienating the recipient of it
  • Internalizing what wealth really means, individually and as part of the family
  • Exploring the differences between attitudes and behaviours and realise the impact that this has
  • Understanding the meaning of financial independence, the importance of the trusts and the responsibilities that come with it
  • Creating deeper love, commitment, unbreakable unity and equality to and between family members
  • Accepting, honouring and forgiving the past, embracing and celebrating the present and moving forward into a desired future

Often times, Dr Lami facilitates in family discussions to resolve long-standing issues or conflicts.

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