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“You cannot solve current problems with current thinking. Current probloms are the result of current thinking.” Albert Einstein

family and couples wealth psychologyMany of us do not feel comfortable talking about difficulties, problems, emotions, money and more. However, all these aspects get in the way of healthy relationships and constructive discussion between one another. They create tension and inhibit individuals, couples or families from connecting to each other in a meaningful way.

Dr. Lami offers these services to facilitate, support and guide you to constructively navigate the non-fiscal aspects of life. Providing confidential, safe and secure environment, combined with the right guidance, allows you to move forward and achieve your desired outcomes. Most of the time, many of us are aware of the non-financial challenges wealth presents but still find it difficult to apply a solution. Harder still when emotions are at play, because the resolution involves ‘removing’ unconscious blockages that stand in the way – these require the guidance of a qualified professional.

There are many issues and challenges clients share with Dr Lami. Some of the topics clients usually wish to address are:

Personal Challenges

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or dissatisfied
  • Learning how to successfully manage responsibilities in a demanding world
  • Dealing with internal fears and insecurities when outwardly, having to be a role model for others
  • Feeling lonelier and more isolated while being further up in the hierarchy
  • Dealing with misjudgments and lack of clear thinking in times of pressures and high stress levels
  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Overcoming stress or anxiety

Couples and Family Challenges

  • Learning how to manage emotional upsets: holding constructive conversations around issues and understanding each other’s views better
  • Discovering how to create a safe and open environment to express needs and desires
  • Learning how to create lasting trust, beyond money and wealth
  • Discovering and understanding attitudes and values as a couple, particularly around money and wealth
  • Resolving communication issues, power struggles or disagreements – Conflict resolution
  • Prenuptial and post-nuptial discussions
  • Discussions around the effects of wealth on family relationship
  • Wealth transfer discussions
  • The impact of family history across generations
  • Understanding the importance of the trust(s), financial independence and the responsibilities that come with it
  • Creating deeper love, commitment, unity and equality to and between family members
  • Accepting, honouring and forgiving the past, embracing and celebrating the present and moving forward into a desired future




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