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“I found it very informative and interesting, especially the second part with techniques. It was a great and valuable opportunity to participate in this course. We need more courses about money and psychology.”

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The Psychology of Money and Wealth

“Dr. Lami is an excellent teacher. Her breath of knowledge about the subject is truly impressive. Her teaching style is engaging and interactive.”

This Continuing Education (and Continuous Professional Development) course is designed to exposes participants to the subject of Wealth Psychology. Providing professionals (i.e., in mental health, CPA’s, attorneys, financial advisors, private bankers, asset and wealth management professionals) with improved knowledge of the emotional, non-financial aspects – or the “soft issues” – surrounding wealth management. In some situations, the course content will be modified depending on participants’ needs.


This course will give you a unique understanding into the soft issues of wealth management. Using wealth psychology and money coaching insights and techniques, you will be equipped with psychological knowledge and understanding about the following topics:

  • The different types of wealth
  • Understanding the different Money Personalities
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  • Understanding the psychology behind people’s relationship with money
  • Uncovering the symptoms of Affluenza and their impact on relationships
  • Exploring the psychological influences and inner realities of grantors and beneficiaries
  • Understanding the psychological operating differences between custodians and beneficiaries
  • The emotional complexities surrounding money and wealth
  • How to better support your clients: Possible solutions

Please note: This course is under content update and will be available soon.

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“Excellent and valuable. We do not hear about the subject of wealth psychology in the usual educational forums.”

Course Particpant