Coaching & Consulting

Why do advisors need our services?

Affluent families face challenges related to their financial status few can understand or empathise with. Nonetheless, as the needs of successful individuals have become more complex, advisors have been challenged to adjust their services in order to satisfy those needs.

As an advisor you must be aware that the financial decisions your client makes has an emotional component. If these emotions are not addressed, you may be challenged by various situations that you prefer to avoid, such as the delayed signing of documents, procrastination, or avoidance of important decisions, to name only few. As a result, some advisors have started to comprehend the significance of developing a “therapeutic” approach to wealth management. Recognizing the importance of not only providing clients with sound financial advice, but also having a better understanding of the emotional challenges associated with wealth – as both will enable them to help their clients more effectively.

Dr. Lami works in collaboration with advisors to help make sure that their clients overcome any obstacles caused by the emotional, non-financial complexities surrounding money and wealth.

What can be done to help you become more effective?

Working with both advisors and supporting advisors, we help you become better at what you do. Getting coaching and other supporting programs will help you improve your skills and services:

  1. Coaching on a one-to-one basis will help you learn about your own attitudes to money and to see first-hand how such patterns can get in the way
  1. Training and workshops will improve your overall Emotional Intelligence and enable you to better communicate and work more effectively with your clients
  1. “Advisory Group Circles” that we will put together will help you discuss various common challenges and getting further support
  1. Consulting with you on specific client issues that are likely to be challenging or emotionally charged, will assist you to move through them more effectively

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All matters discussed are treated in complete confidence and with the utmost discretion.






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