Your parent’s money attitudes interfere with your success

Our relationship with money starts in our childhood. Our parents and others cause us to form unconscious beliefs, “money narratives”, as we grow up. These stay in our unconscious and drive our success later. Many people feel concerned and experience anxiety due to Corona pandemic. This is not surprising. It touches upon our own survival instincts in the face of uncertainty.

Money attitudes that speed up your success

After decades of consulting some of the most successful people, I can say that there are three common reasons why people achieve success...

Our Relationship with Money – Part 2:- Health and Wealth

We all have a relationship with money whether we know it or not. This relationship determines how we think, speak and act about money. It also impacts relationships. We have all witnessed how relationships can be stressed and hurt when financial affairs are perceived by one side or the other to be unfair; how communication [...]

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