Affluence & Parenting

Keynotes, Presentations. Educational Programs and Workshops 

Dr. Lami is considered an insightful, cutting-edge and thought-provoking speaker on the psychology of money, success and relationships who brings a diverse expertise and wealth of knowledge to each of her speaking engagements. During her 18+ years as a psychologist, she has spoken at conferences and events and has given seminars, workshops and keynotes around the world. Dr. Lami’s presentation style is unique as she has the ability to combine different disciplines and engage her audience in a way that is educating, inspiring and empowering.

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Dr. Lami offers the following topics on Affluence & Parenting:

Raising Children in an Affluent Society

A guide for parents
*Delivered as a lecture/speech

  • Living in an affluent time: Parenting challenges
  • Identifying your family’s attitudes and values about money and wealth
  • How your beliefs about money and wealth affect your children
  • Exploring solutions on how to raise children in an affluent society
  • Do I talk to my child about money and wealth?

Raising Adolescents in an Affluent Time

A guide for parents
*Delivered as a lecture/speech

  • Identifying the characteristics of an adolescent
  • How to better understand your adolescent child
  • Uncovering the negative effects of Affluenza on adolescents
  • How to cope with the challenges of living in an affluent time
  • Exploring case studies

Raising Balanced, Responsible and Sensible Children

A guide for parents
*Delivered as a lecture/speech

  • The challenges of growing up wealthy
  • How to prepare your children for wealth
  • Talking with your children about your estate plans and their inheritance
  • How to teach your children your values about money and wealth
  • Estate planning: Defining the family mission and integrating personal goals
  • Affluenza: The hidden enemy
  • What is healthy parenting?
  • The importance of setting healthy boundaries for your children