Advisors’ Wealth Psychology Coaching

For Advisors Working with HNW

As a Wealth Management, Financial or Family Business Advisor you must be aware that the decisions your clients make, has an emotional component. If these emotions are not addressed, then you may be challenged by various situations that you wish to avoid.

For Advisors to private clients, understanding the problems associated with wealth ownership will enable them to help their clients more effectively. Dr Lami coaches’ advisors on better understanding the non-financial aspects surrounding money and wealth.

Bespoke coaching sessions are designed to help you learn about the psychology of money and wealth. As a result of getting coached by Dr. Lami you will:

  • Understand your own attitudes to money and to see first-hand how such patterns can get in the way of your relationships, impact financial decision and sabotage, or support, your success.
  • Improve your overall emotional Intelligence and thus better communicate and work more effectively with your clients.
  • Be able to discuss specific client issues that are likely to be challenging or emotionally charged to assist you move through them more effectively.

All matters discussed are treated in complete confidence and with the utmost discretion

For more information on Wealth Psychology Coaching for Advisors please call +1.310.626.0218 or email Virtual or Face-to-Face Meetings/Sessions are both available.


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