About Dr. Lami

“I have shared with you in one meeting things about me, more than I have shared with my wife in 50 years of marriage” A client confides to Dr Lami 

Dr. Ronit Meshie Mai Lami is unique within the wealth management industry. Assisting global HNW families manage the non-fiscal aspects of their wealth across the generations, she focuses entirely on people and the quality of their relationships rather than on the day-to-day decisions of wealth management or legacy and estate planning.

She herself comes from a family business background, giving her both a personal and professional understanding of the challenges faced by her clients.

Dr Lami is widely recognized as one of the most insightful voices on personal and professional development. For over eighteen years she has helped individuals, couples and families resolve challenges created by their financial status and better understand their relationship with their wealth. As well as the abundant experience she brings to her work, Dr Lami is a highly qualified psychologist, holding:

  • A Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
  • An MSc in Industrial Psychology
  • A license as a Clinical Psychologist with the California Board of Psychology
  • A license as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society
  • A license as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Dr. Lami’s Contribution to Wealth Psychology

Widely published, Dr Lami has contributed significantly to the body of literature on the psychology of money, success and relationships and  wealth psychology , including numerous articles and a regular column. She is also a contributor to Marlene Haley and Deepak Chopra’s book, Roadmap to Success, on the subject of affluenza and wealth psychology.

Dr. Lami’s work in the field of Wealth Psychology has been featured in international and national media, including CNN, BBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Financial Times, Worth Magazine and Financial Advisor Magazine.

Based on her Ph.D. research findings, her own recently completed book ‘The It Factor: Success Through Growth’, uncovers the universal core principles to leading a ‘healthier’ life – from the financial, to the emotional and spiritual – enabling you to transform various areas of your life.

Dr Lami is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and events. She also acts as an expert witness, in cases of divorce proceedings related to child support and Affluenza issues; she teaches an Executive MBA course on the Psychology of Wealth, originally designed for the Executive MBA Program in Asset and Wealth Management at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

She currently also offers continuing education courses designed to equip professionals with a greater knowledge and understanding about the psychology of wealth, and the emotional and non-financial complexities surrounding wealth management and wealth transfer.

Based on her PhD research findings, Dr. Lami developed her Pillars for Wealth Parenting © program, which is designed to have parents and children/adolescents develop the awareness, skills and capabilities that allow the evolution of values and attitudes that are necessary to be emotionally strong, sensible and balanced person.

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