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Money & Relationships

Keynotes, Presentations, Educational Programs and Workshops 

Dr Ronit Lami

Dr. Lami is considered an insightful, cutting-edge and thought-provoking speaker on the psychology of money, success and relationships who brings a diverse expertise and wealth of knowledge to each of her speaking engagements. During her 18+ years as a psychologist, she has spoken at conferences and events and has given seminars, workshops and keynotes around the world. Dr. Lami’s presentation style is unique as she has the ability to combine different disciplines and engage her audience in a way that is educating, inspiring and empowering.

For more information please email drlami@drlami.com or call +1.310.626.0218.

Dr. Lami offers the following topics on Money & Relationships:

Riches or Richness

Discovering your priorities in life as a couple
*Can be delivered as either a lecture/speech or a workshop/seminar

  • “Riches” vs. “richness”
  • Identifying your core values as a couple
  • Inner wealth vs. outer wealth
  • Uncovering attitudes to money and their impact on relationships
  • The psychological aspects surrounding money and wealth

Wealth and Its Effects on Relationships and Marriage

Are your money beliefs getting in the way of your love life?
*Can be delivered as either a lecture/speech or a workshop/seminar

  • Affluenza: The hidden saboteur
  • Uncovering the dysfunctions that money can cause
  • The illusion that money can, should or does buy happiness
  • How do your thoughts and feelings about money affect your relationship, marriage or how you select a partner?
  • The psychology of affluence

The Art of Communication: Resolving Relationship and Marriage Conflicts

Developing a healthier and more loving relationship
*Can be delivered as either a lecture/speech or a workshop/seminar

A guide for couples on how to:

  • Create a safe and open environment to express their needs and desires
  • Rediscover or explore feelings
  • Improve communication
  • Deal with differences
  • Overcome power struggles
  • Balance emotional upsets
  • Understand each other’s personal paths
  • Learn to trust

Couples and Money

How Does Money Affect Relationships?
*Delivered as a workshop/seminar

  • Your attitudes and values as a couple
  • Resolving arguments surrounding money
  • Not enough or too much money?
  • Spending too much or too little?

Making the Right Choice

Having the right partner
*Delivered as a workshop/seminar

  • Who am I? Discovering your relationship needs and marriage goals
  • Identifying the 4 areas of compatibility
  • How to spot red flags
  • Involving your family






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