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Continuing Education Courses

Continuing Education Course – The Psychology of Money and Wealth

Course taught by Dr. Lami

This Continuing Education course is designed to provide CPA’s, attorneys, financial advisors, private bankers, and other asset and wealth management professionals with an improved knowledge of the emotional, non-financial aspects – or the “soft issues” – surrounding wealth management. In some situations, the course content will be modified depending on participants’ needs.

After taking the course, participants will have a better understanding about the following topics:

  • The Psychology of Money and Wealth
  • The emotional, non-financial complexities surrounding money and wealth
  • How to better serve your private clients
  • Family Mission: Pathways to facilitate trust and estate planning
  • Our relationship with money and how it affects people’s work
  • Discovering participants’ own beliefs about money, wealth and how these beliefs influence their own work

Continuing Education Course – The Psychology of Money Dispute

Course taught by Dr. Lami

Designed for financial advisors, estate planning attorneys and other asset and wealth management professionals, this Continuing Education course exposes participants to the subject of Affluenza and the psychology of money dispute. Participants are equipped with psychological knowledge and understanding about the following topics:

  • The concept of Affluenza and Wealth Psychology
  • Uncovering the symptoms of Affluenza and their impact on money disputes
  • Exploring the psychological influences and inner realities of grantors and beneficiaries
  • Understanding the psychological operating differences between custodians and beneficiaries
  • How to better support your clients: Possible solutions for grantors, beneficiaries and custodians

Praise from Participants: CE Credits

 “We have been basking in the glory of such a successful seminar today. Ronit, thanks again for sharing your insights with everyone. I thought you’d like the e-mail we got from an advisor yesterday: ‘Thanks so much for the seminar today. It reinforced the importance of the human side of the estate planning process.’ Warm regards, Kathy (Organizer)”

“Thanks Ronit, I’d like to share what a good speaker you are and how interesting and relevant your topic of Affluenza was. Have a good week, Angus (Judge)”

“I thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Best, RDW”

“Thanks again so much for sharing your time and talent with us. We’ve heard some wonderful things from advisors and donors alike about how much they enjoyed your presentation.” – Linda

“Wonderful and insightful presentation. Great job Ronit!”

“Very enjoyable and helpful. Good information. Thank you.”

“Excellent and valuable. These are things I don’t hear about in the usual educational forums.”

“Topic/materials are interesting and very relevant.”

“Thanks for presenting this seminar. It’s a great service to the legal and finance community.”

“Excellent speaker and great topic.”

“This topic is a difficult one for attorneys to consider. Dr. Lami did an excellent job in getting us to begin the process of considering how to deal with the emotional issues of our clients.”

“Excellent topic, it generated some interesting thinking on my part about problems with wealthy clients.”

“Very interesting, enjoyable and educational presentation. I enjoyed the discussion. Thanks for the invitation.”

“More on this topic please!”

“Thanks very much for the CE program!”

“I really enjoyed the in-depth presentation. Thanks for putting it together.”

“Very good topic, which is difficult to do well due to the need for emotional involvement. Very well done.”

“Great seminar, it brought up some thought-provoking ideas on both a professional and personal level.”






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