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Affluenza & Wealth Expert Witness in Divorce Proceedings

Expert Witness in Divorce Proceedings

Affluenza and Wealth Expert Witness for Child Support

Dr. Lami’s Affluenza and Wealth Psychology expertise make her a valuable asset in divorce proceedings, particularly in cases where large sums of money are involved and where the amount to be given as child support is in question.

She is an expert on the psychology of money and wealth, which involves helping individuals understand what effect money, materialism and wealth have on their minds and lives.

Dr. Lami is usually retained by attorneys to either give her professional opinion in written form or is called as an expert witness on money and wealth topics, and sometimes both. Typical questions concerning child support are whether:

  • The amount set will meet a child’s or children’s reasonable needs
  • The amount set can negatively or positively affect a child’s psychological well-being
  • The amount set is in the best interest of the child or children
  • An incremental monthly amount sought by a petitioner is reasonably needed

Dr. Lami does not give an opinion about an exact $ amount or how much money is enough as it is dependent on the specific context of the family situation. Each case is individually assessed.

What Is Affluenza and How Can an Expert Opinion Help in Child Support Proceedings?

In simple terms, Affluenza is an individual’s unhealthy, unbalanced or damaging relationship with money, materialism or wealth. When considering child support, the effects of Affluenza have to be taken into account as sometimes too much money – or too little money – can negatively affect a child’s upbringing and his or her psychological well-being.

Allowing a child to receive a significant extra sum can often have a negative effect on their relationship with money and their spending habits. This can be particularly damaging during adolescence, a time characterized by periods of emotional imbalance. Consequently, too much money can trigger imbalanced behaviors or inappropriate lifestyles and result in feelings such as “more is never enough” – one of the symptoms of Affluenza.

Giving a child large sums of money can also negatively affect their relationship with friends and their attitude towards others. It can lead to unhealthy behaviors such as spending money to “buy friends” or “buy love” and getting involved with drugs and alcohol.

Therefore, it is crucial for parents to help their children develop healthy attitudes to money, family and friends and lead by example in order to raise responsible, confident and happy adults.

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