Dr Lami, I would like everyone to know about you. You have SAVED my life! I would like to thank you for so many things. My relationship with my wife is much better. The quality of my work has improved and I am not afraid to ask for what I deserve. I was making $100,000 yearly, now I am making $250,000. You have ignited in me the spark of doing. I looked like I was alive, but inside was dead, and you have brought him back to life.


I came to you with what appeared to be a financial problem. I lost a lot of money and did not know what to do. You guided me through a process that brought about a change in my perception. You helped me to find the solution by learning how to work through money challenges. My level of fear and anxiety has diminished. I can also see that my relationships have improved. You are brilliant at what you do!


Dr. Ronit Lami is a seasoned coach and consultant. She is highly skilled with a fresh perspective that holds clients accountable for goals and commitments. As an independent sounding board, she will give you and key members of your leadership team achieve new levels of performance and sharpen existing skills. Your mind will develop new ways to attack old problems. She helps you get to the root cause, so fundamental changes occur. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Lami as one of the best coaches and trainers I have worked with during my 40-year career.


I am grateful to Dr Lami for helping my wife and me through a challenging time in our life. They say good help is hard to find, and in our case particularly - I was unfaithful to my wife - one needs the best help they can find. I feel blessed to find someone so insightful, engaging and invested in our healing and growth process. Dr Lami has done so much for us. Thank you.


Spending the time to work with you is the most rewarding investment I have ever made. And I know about investments. I came to see you because of my fear that my fiancé is with me because of how much money I have. You helped me to see things the way they really are, beyond my fears, and gave me the confidence to marry her.

Psychology, Coaching, Training, Speaking and Consulting Services

Whether you look to grow your business, or face one of life's challenges, you and I will work together as a team to help you achieve the results you always desired. You will always receive the appropriate service, carefully matched to your unique needs. I am dedicated to your success, and like to empower and inspire you to take actions that help resolve and transform your challenges. I have founded Success Through Growth a company that provides a powerful range of services in the area of personal and professional development, because I believe that growth and change is an integral part of human life, no matter where we come from. Our responsibility is to embrace it and focus on who we wish to be, and where we want to go… In our work together, our focus is to provide you with the tools and support that is required for you to achieve your goals. I look forward to helping you manifest your dreams.


I enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas in writing. I aim at presenting the ideas in a simple, clear and concise manner, in the hope that people will enjoy reading them as much as i like writing them...

In The Media

My work in the field of Affluenza and The Psychology of Money, Success and Relationship has attracted much media attention and has been featured in various media channels around the world, allowing me to share this important message with a larger number of people.


I am invited to speak on a variety of topics in the area of personal and professional change. In my talks i like to make the audience think. I tend to harness methods from different disciplines and present them in what the audience describes: "an insightful, clear and concise manner".

"No problem can be resolved from the same level of consciousness that created it" Albert Einstein

A short bio: Ronit M. M. Lami founder of Success Through Growth, a company that provides a range of services in the area of personal and professional development, including, various psychological services, coaching, consulting, training, programs and motivational speaking. Dr Lami is a psychologist, a clinical hypnotherapist, an author, a motivational speaker, and a success coach. With BA, M.Sc. and PhD in Psychology and licensed to practice in the United States and England. Dr Lami is an expert in personal growth and development and is considered as one of the most insightful psychologists in personal and professional change. She shares wisdom that is more than a textbook knowledge and brings through ideas that reflect a divine like wisdom. Her gift at understanding people and their inner workings has inspired clients to name her ‘The Mind and Hearth Ninja’. For Dr Lami's Psychology of Wealth, Success and Relationship services please check: