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Wealth Psychology Across Generations

Consulting, coaching and speaking on emotional intelligence, performance and solutions to challenges created by wealth

We all have Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Our EQ determines how we think, speak and act. It will affect the depth and quality of our relationships and how we interact and communicate. Our EQ also impacts our approach to money and wealth, and our relationship with it. It determines our level of financial success, as well as how we feel about money, how we approach it or what we do with it. From our investment decision making, our spending and saving habits, our approach to estate planning, how much we give away, our life style desires and the choices we make. We have all witnessed how relationships can be stressed and hurt when financial affairs are perceived by one side or other as unfair … how communication breaks down … how resentment can burn deeply … how children become too complacent, lacking the motivation to realise their full potential… how wealth inequality negatively impacts marriages… or how wealth succession plans can provoke feelings of jealousy and unfairness, or despair and depression…

Dr. Lami is unique within the wealth management industry. She has been assisting families and advisors manage the non-financial aspects of wealth across the generations. Dr. Lami speaks, advises and coaches clients on matters such as the emotional impact of succession planning and wealth transfer across the generations, providing parental guidance on how to educate children to be responsible custodians of their wealth and understand their family values and the meaning of  wealth.

Often times Dr. Lami act as a facilitator in family discussions, or she helps resolve conflicts amongst family members or business partners. She also helps clients improve relationships between  family members, couples or children as well as members of family businesses or family offices.

In addition Dr. Lami teaches  ‘affluenza and wealth psychology’ to executive MBA students, as well as advisors, family members and in various forums around the world.  In her work Dr. Lami focuses on finding creative and relevant solutions to the non-financial challenges caused by money and wealth. Please read more about her work in this website.


Dr Lami

Dr. Roni(t) Meshie Mai Lami is an internationally renowned psychologist, an expert on the psychology of money, success and relationships and is widely recognized as one of the most insightful voices on personal and professional development.



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Our services are designed around the philosophy that wealth, success or fame create new challenges that involve more than technical skills, or sound financial and legal advice to resolve. Above all, these challenges require to develop a deeper understanding of their respective mind-sets and the impact emotions have on matters relating to wealth, relationships, parenting, family history, planning, succession and other processes. Dr. Lami helps  simplify, shorten and find solutions to these challenges and processes.



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Our coaching and consulting services are designed to equip advisors with an improved knowledge of the emotional, non-financial complexities surrounding money and wealth so that they can better understand and serve their clients.


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Dr. Lami’s work in the field of Wealth Psychology has been featured in international and national media, including CNN, BBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Financial Times, Worth Magazine and Financial Advisor Magazine.

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