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Consulting and coaching individuals, families and professionals on achieving peak performance and overcoming non-fiscal challenges created by money & wealth

Looking at the opportunities and pitfalls of wealth, success or fame, one quickly realizes the absolute necessity of “directing it” rather than allowing it to “direct you”. Many intelligent, highly accomplished people have experienced challenges caused by it, and as a result are not able to experience harmony in their personal or family lives. There is no shortage of people who can advise on making investments or ways to save money. However, as the needs and challenges of successful individuals and affluent families have become more complex, it is important to understand that to meet these needs and resolve these challenges, they require more than the application of  technical skills or sound financial, legal and investment advice.

In fact they require clearing away conscious and unconscious blockages caused by underlying emotions and beliefs that get in the way, and if left unexplored, create tension and inhibit individuals, couples or families from opening up healthy and constructive dialogues to resolve them. In general, it is hard to talk openly about financial status, family wealth or deal with emotional challenges. However, realizing the importance of adopting a “therapeutic” approach to wealth management – the flipside to a fiscal one – is an important step in moving toward resolutions.

Specializing in the psychology of wealth, success and relationships has allowed Dr. Lami to effectively consult, mentor and coach affluent individuals, couples and families on the non-fiscal aspects of wealth management. Dr. Lami  has addressed issues such as: dealing effectively with wealth transfer, raising responsible children, designing and facilitating family meetings, finding purpose beyond wealth, maintaining family success across the generations, understanding the emotional side of estate planning and providing effective parenting guidance. Dr. Lami also speaks widely on such matters and provides related education programs.


Dr. Roni(t) Meshie Mai Lami is an internationally renowned psychologist, an expert on the psychology of money, success and relationships and is widely recognized as one of the most insightful voices on personal and professional development.



Our services are designed around the philosophy that wealth, success and fame create new challenges that involve more than technical skills, or sound financial and legal advice to resolve. Above all, these challenges require an understanding of the beliefs and feelings that block the road to their effective resolution.



Advisor Services

Our coaching and consulting services are designed to equip financial advisors with an improved knowledge of the emotional, non-financial complexities surrounding money and wealth so that they can better understand and serve their clients.


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Dr. Lami’s work in the field of Wealth Psychology has been featured in international and national media, including CNN, BBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Financial Times, Worth Magazine and Financial Advisor Magazine.

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